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The leading solution provider in Adelaide…

We are a leading air conditioning and home heating solution provider for Adelaide.

Deciding on the right air conditioning and heating for your home requires careful thought and planning.

Ducted Air Conditioning | Split System | Ducted Gas Heating | Evaporative Cooling

Speak with our expert consultants about your options and they will help you choose the most ideal air conditioning solution for your home.

Send us your floor plan and we will provide a detailed quotation, tailored to suit your requirements.

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With Jim’s heating and cooling sales, you get the advantage of dealing with one of South Australia’s top heating and cooling services, combined with the comfort and ease of dealing with local, experienced professionals. Check out our current air conditioning Adelaide winter sale promotions.

Our experts, otherwise known as our “Jims”

Our installation experts or “local Jim’s”, as they have come to be known, will recommend the best heating and cooling solution for your home. We do not charge for consultation.

Jim's Air Conditioning - Best Deals On Ducted, Evaporative and Split System Air Conditioners

Jim’s Heating & Cooling is a trusted name for heating and cooling services in Adelaide.

We offer a wide range of air conditioning and heating solutions, with ongoing specials and financing options.

We have a team of air conditioner installation experts that are highly trained to handle any air conditioner installation, servicing and repairs.

We pride ourselves on excellent customer care and personable service. There is always a Jim’s service truck near your location.

Whether you are looking for reverse cycle air conditioners, split system or evaporative cooling, call 131 546 now or request a quote to get started!

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How Can We Help?

air conditioning adelaide
Lauren Emery
Lauren Emery

5 out of 5 stars

posted 5 months ago

Fantastic service. Impressively quick response time, especially considering I enquired during a heat wave! Recommended a great product, at a great price. Very happy with install and all staff were friendly and efficient. Can't fault them, highly recommend.

Paul Wiekel
Paul Wiekel

5 out of 5 stars

posted 1 year ago

Very professional staff with some excellent suggestions on which system to install for my home. Helped with choosing a good heater too. Love the friendliness of the workers. Good people.

Dot Niu
Dot Niu

5 out of 5 stars

posted 1 year ago

I was very happy with the service we recieved from Jims Heating and Cooling. They were prompt and professional and we are very happy with the ducted reverse cycle system they have installed.

Phillip Mauviel
Phillip Mauviel

5 out of 5 stars

posted 2 years ago

I was very impressed from the measure through to the install. The time was taken to specify the right system for our home (so it actually did the job!) and he found a better (and more cost effective) way of installing. I highly recommend Jim's....great communication and a great experience from start to finish. Thank you.

Louise Pitt
Louise Pitt

5 out of 5 stars

posted 1 year ago

Extremely happy with the service they guys at Jims heating and cooling gave us, quick and easy!!

How To Choose The Best Air Conditioners

Whether its ducted reverse cycle, split system or evaporative cooling, a properly controlled climate and indoor temperature plays a big part in making your home comfortable. Especially when you have spent a large investment in home building or renovation works.

Air Conditioners Adelaide

So how do you choose the best air conditioners for your own home? Below are the key differences between the three common types of air conditioners.

Types Of Air Conditioning Systems

reverse cycle - best Air Conditioners Adelaide

Ducted Reverse Cycle

Ducted Reverse Cycle systems enable each room to be cooled and heated by one system. Ducted systems are less obtrusive and as the air is distributed via ducts (usually hidden in the roof space and out of sight) throughout a home.

A key benefit of the ducted reverse cycle is climate control via zoning. This allows one to set variable temperatures for different rooms in your home – effectively compartmentalizing the climate control.

A ducted air con with inverter technology (such as the Samsung & Mitsubishi models), has the added benefit of better temperature control and greater energy efficiency. Your ducted central heating and cooling system will keep you cool in summer and warm in winter, without breaking the bank.

More on Ducted Reverse Cycle

split systems - best air conditioners adelaide

Split System

The Split System is another popular choice. Comprising of an external compressor & multiple internal wall-mounted fan coils, split system units are suitable for cooling multiple rooms or an open area.

Split System Air Cons are usually more ideal for regulating the temperature of larger rooms such as a lounge room or master bedroom, they are also energy efficient vs portable, window, and box-type air conditioners.

Split systems is an ideal choice if you only need air conditioning in a single area of your house, or if you have specific zones in your house that require cooling and others that do not.

More about Split Systems

Evaporative Cooling - Best Air Conditioners Adelaide

Evaporative Cooling

Evaporative Cooling is an alternative is now very popular with many home owners.

These air conditioners uses evaporative technology to cool air which is then distributed via ducts throughout a home (similar to ducted reverse cycle). Since it is not a refrigeration-based system, windows and doors in the home can be left open without fear of affecting cooling effectiveness.

Evaporative air conditioners create a nice comfortable breeze of cool air throughout the home. The air has a much higher moisture content, making it easier to breathe and more comfortable on the skin.

Evaporative cooling is ideal for families who prefer a more natural climate over the dry cold & crisp air that refrigerated systems produce. They are also highly suited to people with respiratory and skin sensitivities.

More about Evaporative Cooling

Air Conditioners Adelaide

best air conditioners adelaide When it comes to home heating and cooling, there are many consideration: The area to be covered, efficiency, running costs, warranties and the confidence that you are getting the best value. Read more about our Air Conditioner Adelaide Services

Home Heating Solutions
Gas Ducted Heating | Wood Heaters | Gas Furnaces

home heating and wood heaters - best air conditioners adelaide Whether you are considering home heating with ducted reverse cycle, ducted gas heating, wall split units, wood heaters or wall furnaces, your local Jim can advise and provide a free quote on the most suited system for your home. Read more about our Ducted Gas Heating

Special Deals
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best air conditioners adelaide Jim’s Home Heating and Cooling have a great range of across the board special offers. Enjoy the benefits of huge buying power, coupled with the personal service and support of your local Jim. A great combination, providing the best value & service. View our Specials & Promotions

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best air conditioners adelaide Your local Jim is a fully qualified home heating & cooling professional, with years of experience. And being local is always helpful should you need that all important support. Get your FREE home heating and cooling quote today. Get your local Jim’s FREE Quote now.


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