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Air Conditioning by Jim’s Heating and Cooling – Looking after you and your family. We specialise in the supply, installation and servicing of all forms of air conditioning, and we deliver a job well done every time.

We offer a full range of air conditioning options that will suit the requirements of any South Australian home.


Air Conditioning and Air Conditioners in Adelaide

Whether you need ducted air conditioning, split systems or evaporative cooling, Jim’s Heating and Cooling can sort you out with the most ideal HVAC system for your home. Our air conditioners are highly energy efficient, and durable. Meaning, you not only enjoy lower operating costs, you will also have fewer maintenance issues.


Read about our 3 main categories of air conditioning :

If you need air conditioning for your home in Adelaide, speak with our experienced installers today. Our installers are highly trained professionals who will take you from start to finish, delivering the best fit for your home. Send us your floorpans and we will recommend the best air conditioning system for your home.


Air Conditioners That Suit Your Needs

Wondering which type of air conditioning you require? No problem. Based upon your home location and facing, we can recommend the optimal air conditioning type for your home. Be it refrigerative reverse cycle, or wall split systems, or evaporative, we will install the most ideal model for your home.

Our air conditioning models are all built to withstand the harsh weather conditions of Adelaide. Especially the summer heat waves that takes the temperatures above 45°.


Our Air Conditioning Features

Depending on type and model, our air conditioning comes with many features that allow you to customise the heating and cooling experience for your home. From highly customisable power modes, to climate control settings such as temperature & fan settings, timer controls, etc. You can completely customise the climate of your home to bring the maximum level of comfort to your family.


Here are some features that are commonly found in our air conditioner systems :

  • Advanced Inverter Technology (Super High Energy Efficiency)
  • Auto & Multi-step Power Saving Modes
  • iSensor or 3D Sensor Air Flow Technology (keeps everyone in a room comfy)
  • Air Cleaning and Ionising Functions (removes odours, viruses and bacteria)
  • Advanced Climate Controls
  • …and much more.

Jim’s Air Conditioning – The Perfect Match For Your Home

Prefer a minimalist look for your home? Or would you rather have a stylish wall split system ? We carry a wide range of air conditioning models. Pick one that will suit the aesthetics of your home.

Whether it’s color (black/white/red/etc), shape (slimline or conventional) or size, you will have a wide range of choices with Jim’s Heating and Cooling.

Speak with our air conditioning consultants today and they will help you decide on the best match.


Air Conditioning Done Right

At Jim’s Heating and Cooling, we value our reputation above all. That’s why we are focused on delivering a job well done… every time.

Over the last decade or so, we have built our brand one installation at a time, delivery the best customer experience each time. Our systems are installed in compliance with the highest quality and safety standards, and our installers are always polite, professional and helpful.

Due to our strong focus on reputation, we install only the best air conditioning brands. We do not deal with cheap, unbranded or house brands. Some of the top air conditioner brands we install include :

If you are looking for an air conditioning system for your home, never compromise on the brand. Even if they come at a slight premium, it’s always best to choose a top brand. You will save a lot more in terms of maintenance and operational costs in the long run.


Why Call on Jim’s for Air Conditioning?

Well, we got a catchy phone number. Just dial 1300 525 723!

Seriously though, because we understand South Australia. We have been installing air conditioning for South Australian homes for years, and we have worked with just about any type of home layouts.

Send us your floor plan and discuss your heating and cooling objectives/preferences with us. We will be able to help you evaluate all available air conditioning options. Not only that, we will recommend the best implementation model for your home heating and cooling.

Jim’s Heating and Cooling are experts in the HVAC industry. Specialising in Ducted Air Conditioning, Split System, Evaporative and Ducted Gas Heating, we will look after you with the best deals we have on hand. As we install a high volume of air conditioning systems each month, we are able to offer you excellent prices on any of our branded systems.

Contact us today at 1300 525 723 and we can have a detailed discussion about your air conditioning needs.

Air Conditioning by Jim's Heating and Cooling - Ducted Reverse Cycle
Air Conditioning by Jim's Heating and Cooling - Wall Split System
Air Conditioning by Jim's Heating and Cooling - Evaporative Cooling Adelaide

More About Air Conditioner Types


Air Conditioning


Air Conditioning Types

Air Conditioning comes in many forms. When you are looking to purchase an air conditioner, you will first need to determine your home heating and cooling preferences. Different home owners have different views on which air conditioning suits them best.

For instance, some owners prefer to have a separate gas ducted heating system installed, as it is more economical. And with the ducted heating, you could install an evaporative air conditioner (which provides a natural cooling breeze but no heating). This is a combination that is preferred by home owners who value better, more natural air quality in the house.

Other home owners may prefer an all in one heating and cooing system. Instead of having to pay for separate heating. These owners will choose the reverse cycle air conditioners, either a ducted or split system unit.

Depending on the size of the home and it’s layout, a ducted reverse cycle or split system reverse cycle may be more suited. Before you jump into a purchase decision, think about your personal air conditioning preferences.

Is budget a constraint? Do you require separate heating? How is your floorplan laid out? All these needs to be taken into consideration before you can choose the ideal air conditioning that is best suited to your needs.


Ducted Air Conditioning Or Ductless

Ducted Air Conditioning


Ducted Air Conditioning comprises of an indoor and outdoor compressor, and uses a network of ducts to distribute air throughout a home. These ducts are hidden in roof and wall spaces away from plain sight.

The only visible components of a ducted air conditioning system are the air vents. Even the air vents are installed flush against the ceiling or walls. This presents a very minimalist design, which some home owners favor.

Ductless air conditioning comes in the form of Wall Split Systems. These comprise of a main compressor (usually located outdoor) and individual wall units that are installed into each room that requires air conditioning.

Wall split system air conditioning have been the staple choice for home owners.


Reverse Cycle Or Evaporative

Ducted Air Conditioning can come in the form of Ducted Reverse Cycles or Evaporative. A ducted reverse cycle can provide both heating and cooling, while an Evaporative air conditioner only provides cooling. To understand the differences between these air conditioning types, read further below.


Popular Air Conditioning Systems

Ducted Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning

reverse cycle ducted air conditioning

The reverse cycle Ducted Air Conditioning is the ideal all in one heating and cooling system for any home. It produces crisp, cold air as well as warm air. This means that it can heat or cool your home just as effectively.

This is perfect in climates like as Adelaide, where we have extreme temperatures in winter and summer.


Benefits of Ducted Air Conditioning With Reverse Cycle :

  • Minimalist Design – No Bulky Wall Units
  • Best for large homes with complex floorplans and layouts
  • Ability to reach further, harder to reach spaces
  • Provides both heating and cooling
  • Zoning allows full control over the climate in each section of the home
  • Inverter Technology delivers high energy efficiency


Split System Air Conditioning

reverse cycle split system air conditioning


Wall Split Systems are suitable for standard sized homes with simple layouts. For instance, a single storey home with 3-4 bedrooms. You could install a wall unit into each bedroom and the living room, all powered by one compressor.

Split System units are easy to install and maintain and comes with more end-user features such as air flow controls, air ionisers & purification, and iSensor technologies that more intelligently distributes the airflow.


Benefits of Split System Air Conditioning With Reverse Cycle :

  • Easy & Quick Installation – No ducting work required
  • Best for small to standard sized homes with simple layout
  • Most efficient way to cool a room or defined space
  • Provides both heating and cooling
  • Extensive list of consumer features including Wifi & Climate Controls
  • Inverter Technology delivers high energy efficiency


Evaporative Air Conditioning

Evaporative Air Conditioning

Evaporative Cooling is the choice for home owners who prefer a more natural environment in the home. Using the natural process of evaporation, this system cools air by passing warm air through dampened cooling pads – thus cooling the air. As this is not a refrigerative process, the resulting air is not as crisp and cold as that produced by a ducted reverse cycle or split system.

However, the air has a higher moisture content and feels more natural. Like a cool breeze. As evaporative cooled air is less dry, it is ideal for families with members who have respiratory sensitivities and is also gentler on the skin. The only downside to an evaporative unit is that it does not provide any form of heating. So you will need to match this up with a separate ducted heating system.

Evaporative cooling is also the most economical form of cooling. Since it does not use refrigeration, it consumes very little power, a fraction of what ducted reverse cycle or split system would use. If running cost your concern, then an evaporative cooling system may be ideal.


Benefits of Evaporative Air Conditioning :

  • Better, more natural air quality
  • Most economical form of home cooling
  • Ability to reach further, harder to reach spaces (uses ducts like ducted air conditioning)
  • Can leave doors and windows open while in operation!
  • Zoning allows full control over the climate in each section of the home


Ducted Gas Heating

Gas Ducted Heating - Air Conditioning

Ducted Heating systems, as the name suggests only provides heating. Air is heated up through combustion and distributed throughout a home using ducts (just like for ducted air conditioning).

Since gas is used instead of electricity , the running cost of ducted heating is much lower than that of reverse cycle. You could run a ducted gas heating system on the same set of ducts as a reverse cycle.

So you could match this up with a ducted air conditioner. However, a more popular combination would be to match this with an evaporative system. Since the evaporative system only produces cooling and is much more economical to run over the long term.


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Jim’s air conditioning has been serving homes in Adelaide for many years. We have delivered quality installations into thousands of homes, focusing on workmanship and genuine customer service.

Our expert installers will help assess your needs, floor plan, and personal preferences, in order to recommend an air conditioning proposal best suited to your needs. Call us today at 1300 525 723 or submit a quote request.

We will reach out to you asap with our best recommendations – and an affordable quote.

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