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Air Conditioning and home heating is our core business. We are experts in home heating and cooling and have served thousands of customers in the HVAC industry over the years. This air conditioning and home heating blog is an archive of useful air conditioning articles that customers can review – to help them in making decisions about air conditioning and home heating solutions.

Air Conditioning Posts

Benefits of Ducted Air Conditioning

Benefits of Ducted Air Conditioning Ducted air conditioning is a form of air conditioning that has taken on much popularity in Adelaide, or just about any state in Australia. It takes on a very minimalist, stylish design and serves up large homes with complex layouts...

Replace Air Conditioning Ducts

At Jim's Heating & Cooling, we often get customers asking this question. Especially when they replace an old system with a new ducted reverse cycle or evaporative system. Many home owners would be thinking to save some money and use the existing old set of ducts....

Ducted Air Conditioning & Roof Ventilators

Ducted Air Conditioning & Roof Ventilators “Why is my Ducted Air Conditioning Not Cold?!” It is not uncommon on hot summer days, to have to wait for over an hour before your ducted air conditioning is able to bring the room temperature down. And that could apply...

Home Heating Posts

Air Conditioning – Which HVAC System To Choose?

- Article By Jim's Air Conditioning Air Conditioning Types Air Conditioning comes in many forms. When you are looking to purchase an air conditioner, you will first need to determine your home heating and cooling preferences. Different home owners have different views...

Is ducted gas heating cheaper?

Is ducted gas heating cheaper? Ducted gas heating certainly has the edge over reverse cycle heating for a number of reasons and one is the fact that it does offer a cheaper option for heating a property.   Gas heating can be good value for money and if you are...

Best Ducted Gas Heating Brands

Best Ducted Gas Heating Brands A brand is so much more than just a word, image and a few taglines. A brand represents a company, its products, services, value, quality and the expectations we as consumers can be ready to receive should we purchase a product.  ...

Why Choose A Ducted Gas Heating System?

Why choose a ducted gas heating system? Australia is a land of harsh conditions, with some of the southern states experiencing extreme high and low temperatures throughout the year. While there are a range of options in terms of heating and cooling your home, one of...

Ducted Gas Heating Systems

Ducted Gas Heating Systems

The Basics of Ducted Heating A ducted gas heating system consists of several components. A central heating unit is designed to produce or generate heat to warm the air, these brilliant system is carefully and precisely designed to keep your home at a comfortable...


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