Mitsubishi Split System Air Conditioning

Air Conditioning Review – Mitsubishi Split System

  Mitsubishi Split System Air Conditioning Mitsubishi Electric is a leading air conditioning brand that has been in the industry for almost a century. It’s first home air conditioner was actually an electric fan that revolutionised the way homes are cooled. Since then, it has launched countless models of ducted & split system air conditioners, improving on it’s build quality and feature set each time.


Today in Australia, Mitsubishi Electric is a dominant air conditioning brand, and is known for it’s reliability and excellent energy efficiency. It does come at a premium price compared to other air conditioning brands, but that is to be expected with the level of quality and advanced features it brings. This post will explain some of the features you can expect from a Mitsubishi Electric Split System Air Conditioner.

Mitsubishi Split System Air Conditioning


Mitsubishi Electric Split System Features

Energy Saving

Mitsubishi Electric air conditioners are known for their high energy efficient ratings. Most models of the Mitsubishi Split Systems have over 4 star ratings and to a large extent, this has to do with it’s excellent implementation of the DC Inverter technology. The inverter technology matches the compressor speed or power level, to your indoor cooling and heating requirements. This means that once the desired room temperature is achieved, the system goes into a low power mode, which is extremely energy efficient. Low power mode consumes a fraction of the power as compared to normal mode, as it only needs to maintain the room at the desired temperature.

Other features such as 3D i-See Sensor (which uses a 3D sensor to regulate temperature in a room by directing air flow), iFeel (which memorises your desired room temperature settings), also work in conjunction with the Inverter technology to minimise energy wastage.

In addition to the above, most models of Mitsubishi Split System Air Conditioning also comes with PAM. Known as Pulse Amplitude Modulation, this advanced feature controls the electric current waveform, matching it to the supply voltage, and in so doing minimises any losses between the power supply and the air conditioning compressor.

In simple terms, it reduces electrical wastage which saves you money in terms of power costs. Mitsubishi Electric air conditioners are very energy efficient as a result of all these energy saving and optimising features.

Air Quality

Mitsubishi Electric Split Systems are designed with a strong focus on Air Quality. An electrically charged air filter captures more dust than regular air filters and most models also come with an anti-allergy Enzyme air filter. This filter elimitnates allergens such as molds, bateria and decompose them using the enzymes within the filter. As a result, the system cleans the air in a room over time, removing contaminants.

In certain models, a catechin filter is used to introduce anti-viral and antioxidant properties into the air. Catechin is a bioflavonoid by product of green tea, with strong antioxidant properties and deodorising qualities. Air feels much cleaner, fresher and fragrant with catechin filters. Nano Platinum filters are also used in certain models to kill bacteria and deodorise air.

There are many different air quality features found in Mitsubishi Electric’s range of Split System air conditioners. Review the specifications of each model and pick the right set of features you feel are ideal for your home.


Comfort is also a key focus for Mitsubishi Electric. Each air conditioner is manufactured with a full range of airflow control features. The system is able to detect where people are in a room, and direct or prioritise air flow to that part of the room.

Air vanes are also fully adjustable, with various auto swing modes. Wide vertical and horizontal airflow helps to regulate the temperature in large rooms quickly. Along with advanced climate, fan speed controls and timer functions, these features provide the highest level of personal comfort.


Mitsubishi Electric split system air conditioners are designed with convenience in mind. You can pre-program the climate for each room, set the time of day for the system to operate, and everything can happen autonomously. When the desired room temperature is achieved, the system does into low power mode and when more heating or cooling is required, it adjusts back to a higher power level.

An auto changeover feature also allows the air conditioners to switch between heating and cooling mode, depending on which is required for a room. When a power outage occurs, the system automatically turns back on when power is restored, and continues with it’s preset functions. With it’s plethora of advanced convenience features, you could set up a unit once, and forget about it. Once programmed, it will keep your home comfy according to your pre-set conditions.

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