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Air Conditioning Service AdelaideAt Jim’s Heating & Cooling, we are serious about providing the best service to our customers. We have a highly trained, professional service and installation teams ready to handle any call.

Rest assured, whether it’s a no obligation quote to update your existing system or to have a new system installed, we have the qualified tradespeople available to deliver a job well done – every time.

We provide servicing for all makes and models from ducted reverse cycle &  wall split systems to ducted evaporative units. Being one of the largest provider of home heating and cooling solutions, we stock most of the top brands, and their spare parts, allowing us to be your one-stop-shop for air conditioning servicing and repairs.

Jim’s Heating & Cooling is a South Australian family business icon. With stores across Adelaide, and a solid history of great service and customer satisfaction, Jim’s guarantees service, quality and installation by qualified experts. We provide the very best air conditioning prices available, without cutting corners.

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Air Conditioning Service

There are several things in your house that require regular maintenance and upkeep, but none is as important as your air conditioning service. When you are living through climate changes, i.e. the seasons, you come to understand just how important your air conditioner is. There is nothing as desperate as sitting in your house in the middle of a sweltering summer and having issues with your air conditioning unit. Just like any piece of machinery that you come to depend on, you should service your air conditioner routinely to make sure that it is functioning properly.

How Should You Select an Air Conditioning Service Technician?

When looking for a technician for your air conditioning service you will be given a significant amount of options. Any reputable company will have numerous reviews, and an online presence that you can research. Yes, there are some smaller companies that do not have websites, but in this day and age the internet is your main source for information. Air conditioning service can be costly, but it can be extremely more expensive if you get bad service. Make sure that you look at the credentials of a company, and check out any information that is publicly available. If you are looking them up online there should be some customer reviews that you can reference before you decide on the service.

Why Should You Stay on Top of Your Air Conditioning Service?

We mentioned earlier how dreadful it can be when you are in the middle of summer and your air conditioner breaks, but your unit is working all year. Unless you use gas to keep your house warm, your air conditioning unit is responsible for heating and cooling your house. In the hot Adelaide summer, it may be uncomfortable to be overheated, however in the winter, the extreme Adelaide winter cold can affect your health. You can’t survive in a house without some sort of heating system, especially if you live in an area that experiences an extreme winter seasons. If you keep up the maintenance on your air conditioning unit it will cost less money in the long run. Imagine, sitting in your living room in the middle of the weekend, and all of a sudden, your heating system stops working. You must call a technician, that works emergency hours, and hopefully it isn’t the holiday season because that will cost you more as well. So, you are really crossing your fingers at this point and hoping to find an air conditioning service that is not that expensive and trust worthy. You can avoid this entire scenario by paying for maintenance on the unit throughout the year. With this extra attention, you can avoid emergency repair bills, and can save yourself in medical bills in case your household gets sick.

What Services Do Most Air Conditioning Service Technicians Provide?

When shopping around to find the best air conditioning service technicians you might be asking yourself what are some typical services that these companies provide. Below we have listed a comprehensive list of many of the services that you can find through air conditioning service companies.

Air Conditioning:

These technicians are certified and trained to provide the highest quality service on your air conditioning units. These technicians can look over your unit to make sure that everything is functioning properly, and they can install new pieces if your unit is in need. All this preventative maintenance is essential in making sure that your air conditioner will be in tip-top shape for the summer months. Also, if you are interested in upgrading your system your technician can assist you with that, as well. They can give information on other units, and help you decide what upgrades would be best for your air conditioning unit. By choosing to upgrade your air conditioning system you will find that you spend less money on your electric bill because newer units are more efficient. This is something that you should consider asking your technician about while they are performing your air conditioning service.


Just like we mentioned above, it is one thing to do without your air conditioning but quite another to suffer from a loss of your heating system during the cold winter period. Many air conditioning service companies will provide 24/7 emergency heating repairs so that your household is not left in the cold. These technicians also will check the state of your heat pumps, furnaces, thermostats, and other key pieces of the heating elements of your air conditioning unit. Technicians are also geared to make your air conditioning unit more efficient which means it will heat your home without using as much electricity. Updating your system can also heat your home more effectively, and this is critical in those cold winter months when you need it the most.

Air Quality Control:

Some technicians can provide guidance on your air quality while they are performing your air conditioning service. There are different filtration methods that you can use, and even the type of air filters that are in your units can be updated. Currently, a lot of households are choosing to install dehumidifiers to increase their quality of air. When you install these devices, you find that the overall health of your household improves which lowers the cost of your medical bills. Those that suffer from allergies, and frequent colds, find that these conditions are improved using air humidifiers.

Water Heaters:

This is a service that is sometimes offered by air conditioning service companies, and you will find it incredibly useful. Much like you enjoy heat in the winter, having hot water is also an essential part to the comfort of your home. Hot showers, washing clothes, and washing dishes all require hot water to keep your home sanitized and healthy. Having a technician that can advise you on the state of your air conditioning unit and your water heater is a plus. So, when you are shopping around for air conditioning service you should make sure to find a company that fits all your needs.

Paying for Your Air Conditioning Service

When you select your desired air conditioning service technician you will have many options for payment, and there are options for quotes as well. Some companies offer set fees for their services, and then charge you for additional services. There are also places that you can call for a quote before they even come to your house, so you know what to expect. You should call around and price check to make sure that you are getting the best deal for your money. Also, by calling around you can see what the average price point is, and sometimes you can get companies to go down to their competitor’s pieces. Just know that for any emergency service you can sometimes pay double what you would normally pay to have your problem fixed immediately. With an emergency service, you are paying more for convenience than the actual maintenance that the technician will perform.

How Much Money Will You Save Through Routine Air Conditioning Service?

Well, believe it or not, by having your unit checked annually you can save yourself up to thousands of dollars in repairs. Just like you have a plan of maintenance on your automobile, you should also have a service plan for your air conditioning unit. If you change your oil every 10,000 miles, think about checking out your unit every season change. Before you head into the serious summer months, call around to get a technician to look at your air conditioning unit. If you get your unit checked during the offseason you will also save yourself a bit of money. Therefore, many households choose to fix their air conditioning unit in the winter, and then they choose to fix their heating elements in the summer. The most important thing that you can do for your household is to annually scheduled air conditioning maintenance to ensure that your unit is running properly and you’ll save your household money in the long run. Even if you do have some problems in your routine inspection, it is more cost-effective to fix them now than to wait until the problem magnifies.

How Often Should I Schedule Routine Air Conditioning Service?

There are many routine maintenance procedures that you can do on your own, like changing your own air filters, but more serious checkups need an air conditioning service technician. We recommend that you get your unit checked once a year, preferably in the summer. Now that you have already made it through the winter, and you will be able to make any necessary repairs for the summer season. This is the optimal time for many households because they are also getting their tax refunds, so this is an added boost in household finances.

Above we have listed several of the key reasons why you should consider hiring a technician for your routine air conditioning service. We would like for you to select us, so that your job is handled effectively and at a competitive price with the rest of the market. Contact us today for your quote, so that we can get your air conditioning service underway.

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