Air Conditioning With Mobile WIFI Control

 air conditioning WIFI Mobile Control

Air Conditioning WIFI Control – The New Kid On The Block

air conditioning WIFI Mobile controlWifi control for air conditioning is a fairly new trend that most leading air conditioning manufacturers are now focusing on. With the modern family accessing their mobile phones almost 90% of the time in a day, it’s the next logical step towards user-friendliness.

Mitsubishi Electric, Carrier, Braemar, Toshiba and other top air conditioning brands have all launched models with WIFI mobile control features that allow you to manage just about every aspect of your home climate. In fact, new homes owners in Adelaide, are increasingly out looking for air conditioning models with built in WIFI modules, that will allow you to download an Android or Iphone app for climate control. Let’s look deeper into what you can do with WIFI mobile control for your air conditioning at home.  

What Can You Do With Air Conditioning WIFI or Mobile Control

Heaps. All you have to do is to choose an air conditioning model that comes with a  built in WIFI module, connect it to your home wifi and download your phone app. Within your phone app, you will be able to control every aspect of your air conditioning. In some cases, you can also control individual zones within your home. It’s easy and convenient.

Here are some things you can do with your air conditioning WIFI or mobile app.


Individual Zone Climate Control

If you have a ducted reverse cycle or evaporative air conditioner, you may be able to set up to remotely control each zone in your home individually. Different air conditioning brands have different apps for wifi control. Some have an all in one app that controls everything (including zones), while others may have a seperate zone control app. With your wifi remote app, you will be able to set  and control the temperature, turn on/off and set timer functions for each zone in your home.


On/Off & Timer Functions

With your air conditioning wifi app, you can easily turn on and off the heating or cooling in each room. For split systems, you will be able to control each wall unit separately. You can also preset timer functions, instructing the unit to turn on to a specific climate any time during the day or week.


Power Mode Settings

Recent models of air conditioning already have advanced inverter functions that automatically scales the power mode according to what is required. This saves a lot of power and minimises wastage. However, you can have an added level of control by manually adjusting the power mode for each unit or zone – with your wifi remote control app.

For instance, you can manually turn on your air conditioning in the living room on a hot summer day, thirty minutes before you arrive home. And set it to low power mode so it gradually cools the ambient temperature of the home. This level of control lets you minimise wastage and improves overall consumption efficiency.


Temperature Setting

This comes default on any air conditioning remote wifi app. However, there are varying levels of control. Some apps allow you to control in 1°C increments, and some in 0.5°C. Depending on your air conditioning model, you may also be able to control the temperature within a range – as preset by the manufacturer. Such as between 16°C TO  30°C.

It is important to note that your room temperature takes some time to achieve your set temperature. For instance, to cool a room from 30°C to 21°C may require 30 minutes, or up to an hour. How quickly your room cools is dependent on your air conditioning capacity and a host of other factors.


Fan Speed Control

With your air conditioning wifi remote app, you will also be able to control the fan speed of each unit. This is very convenient especially if you have elderly or kids at home. For instance, you can turn down the fan speed in a room where your baby is sleeping, so the draft is not too strong.


Weekly Scheduler

Many home owners have busy schedules and our families are home at varying times of the day. And this schedule changes for each school term. This is where the weekly scheduler function is very useful. You could use your air conditioning wifi remote app to set and manage your weekly air conditioning usage schedule.

You can set specific days, times and recurrences for when your air conditioning turns on and off, and preset it for a specific set of climate conditions. You can then choose to turn on or off each schedule. For instance, you could create a schedule for summer and one for winter. This makes it very convenient. Setup your schedules once, and never have to worry about your home heating and cooling again.


Information Panel

This is another great aspect of a remote wifi app for air conditioning. Especially for control freaks. Some home owners just like to be in the know about what goes on in the home, even when they are out. Most air conditioning wifi remote apps come with an in-depth information panel.

You not only get a birds eye view of your climate at home, you also have information from a range of sensors. Such as humidity and air quality sensors. This lets your monitor the atmosphere in your home fully, should you wish to.


Need advice on choosing the best air conditioning model that comes with WIFI remote or mobile control? 

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