Toshiba Air Conditioning

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Toshiba Air Conditioning Review – The Company

Toshiba Air ConditioningWith over 40 years of proven solutions in the air conditioning industry, Toshiba are one of the key players in the market. With roots going back to 1875, Toshiba has become one of the leading air conditioning brands. Toshiba’s history of innovation and consistently supplying the market with top quality products has established a proven track record in the air conditioning industry.

As a company, Toshiba are focused on environmental protection. Alongside offering superior features and performance from their products, the company also strives to push the boundaries of energy efficiency and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Toshiba manufactures a range of premium air conditioning systems and features, including:

  • Single split systems
  • Multi split systems
  • Inverter ducted systems
  • Temperature controllers

Energy efficiency is at the forefront of all Toshiba air conditioning system designs. Each system has multiple power select modes allowing users to choose the power consumption mode of their liking. This allows users to customise a good balance between comfort and power costs. For this reason, Toshiba air conditioning systems have some of the highest energy star ratings in the industry.

Highlights of Toshiba Wall Split System Air Conditioners

Toshiba wall split systems are renowned for their impressive energy saving, comfort and high cooling power benefits. Their range of split system air cons are designed for flexibility of use and improved air quality. With the premium Toshiba name, you get all-round comfort with precise temperature control all wrapped up in a sleek, stylish air conditioner unit.

With their innovative technology, attractive design, and revolutionary features, Toshiba raises the air conditioning industry standard with their range of split systems. This range includes:

  • N3KV Inverter Hi-Wall Split System
  • BKVS Inverter Hi-Wall Split System
  • BKV Inverter Hi-Wall Split

These systems are whisper-quiet when in use and have a superior system to manage airflow. The updated filtration system cleaner air in your home. Toshiba split system air conditioner has it all in a stylish, practical design that offers you luxury air conditioning without a luxury cost.

Toshiba’s split systems have a unique self-cleaning feature. An internal fan automatically activates the moment you switch off the unit, drying out the coil and fan blades. This eliminates the moisture which causes mould to form. Although this seems like a small feature, it makes a big difference in keeping the air conditioner at optimal performance.

Highlights of Toshiba Wall Split System Air Conditioners

Toshiba Ducted Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning

Toshiba’s rand of inverter ducted reverse cycle air conditioning systems enable you to cool your home without installing bulky units on your indoor walls. This allows for a more clean and tidy interior look. Toshiba ducted systems are placed in a confined space and have air ducts running through the ceiling leading to air outlets in different rooms.

Toshiba’s range of ducted reverse cycle air conditioning systems have many outstanding features. Their refined design allows for flexible application, low operating sound level, improved air quality and all-round temperature comfort. They are also kind to the environment with a unique commitment to minimising air pollution.

Key features of Toshiba’s premium ducted air con systems include:

  • DC Hybrid Inverter
  • DC Twin-Rotary Compressor
  • Optional Zone Controller
  • 7 year warranty from Toshiba

Toshiba’s Hybrid Inverter combines two powerful compressor control elements to create the perfect blend of maximum efficient energy and natural comfort. The powerful inverter works like a turbo engine to reach the desired room temperature fast. The PWM technology acts like a car on cruise control. It helps to balance the compressor speed to maintain the desired room temperature at all times. Due to this, the ducted reverse cycle air con consumes less energy over the course of a day.

The unique Toshiba DC Twin-Rotary Compressor also features in the ducted system. This compressor is highly efficient and adopts a high-pressure refrigerant to reduce energy consumption. The Toshiba ducted system is also impressively quiet when in use. It’s the perfect choice for noise-sensitive areas, as the outdoor unit is practically silent when running.

Toshiba Air Con Service, Repair and Installation

Toshiba Air Con Service, Repair and InstallationJim’s Heating and Cooling are the experts in all makes and models of Toshiba’s premium air conditioners. If you are looking for quality Toshiba air conditioning service, repairs or installation, Jim’s is the only choice you need to know.

It’s important to book a regular service for your Toshiba air conditioner. This will extend the lifetime of your system and ensure you have clean, conditioned air all year round. Jim’s Heating and Cooling have a team of fully licensed and qualified technicians ready to handle all of your air conditioner service needs.

Toshiba air conditioners are quality appliances, but that doesn’t mean things can’t go wrong. If your air conditioner is ever in need of a repair, you don’t want to be left waiting for an available technician. That’s why Jim’s Heating and Cooling are available 24/7 so that we’re always here when you need a repair. We can be at your home within an hour* of your call, and won’t charge extra for after hours jobs.

Jim’s Heating and Cooling can also handle the installation of your air conditioners. We have a fleet of vans stocked up with the latest industry tools and gadgets. This, combined with the ongoing training received by our technicians, means we are always equipped to install any unit.