Air Conditioning Service Price

Air Conditioning Service PriceAir conditioning service price is largely dependent on the air conditioning company you use to service and maintain your home air conditioning systems. More extensive services also cost more than a basic service. Meanwhile, a single wall split system will cost less to service than a system with 4 units.

This post will explain what you need to consider when choosing an air conditioning company to service or maintain your home air conditioning. As well as the likely air conditioning service price you should budget for.

Air Conditioning Service Price – The Components That Need Service

Air Conditioning Service Price - The Components That Need ServiceIt’s a simple pleasure to sit in your living room and enjoy the comfort of your home air conditioning. But behind the scenes, servicing and maintenance are to thank.

And depending on how many components there are, an air conditioning service could be a very tedious process. Some jobs take more than half a day to complete. Therefore, the first thing we need to consider is the components involved when servicing air cons.

Different air conditioning types consist of very different components. For instance, ducted reverse cycle air conditioning requires duct cleaning, while a split system does not. Air conditioning filters in different components will also need to be replaced or cleaned.

So you can have an idea of what is involved with air conditioning service pricing, we’ll take a look at the key factors.

Air Conditioning Service Price – Common Components Requiring Service

Air Conditioning Compressor

The outdoor compressor is one of the components which often requires the most intensive servicing. Its job is to cool air and circulate refrigerant throughout the system. The air conditioning compressor completes the bulk of the work. As such, the chance of breakdown or malfunction is also higher.

Air con compressors can last up to 20 or more years, but they can also fail much sooner. Proper service and maintenance are what is required to prolong the lifespan of a compressor.

The compressor is the most expensive component in an air conditioning system. If a compressor totally fails, a replacement can be cost prohibitive. Purchasing a new air conditioning system would make more sense.

To properly service a compressor, the technician will usually need to dismount the compressor and have it thoroughly washed and chemically treated. A check will also be required to ensure all components are functioning as they should. Refrigerant may also need to be topped up to ensure the compressor generates cold crisp air.

A large percentage of the air conditioning service price goes into the work it takes to actually perform thorough maintenance of the compressor.

Wall Units

Wall UnitsSplit systems have wall units that are mounted in each room, unlike ducted systems.

These wall units are actually fan coils. The cold air passes through fan grilles and an air conditioning filter, cleaning the air before it gets expelled into the room.

During air conditioning service, the technician opens up the wall unit casing, removes the filter and thoroughly cleans all parts.

A vacuum is used to remove any dust/grime from between the fan grilles, which are then wiped down with anti-bacterial cleaning chemicals. Air conditioning cleaning spray is often used to clean between the grilles. The air conditioning filter is then re-installed and casing closed.

Drainage and Air Ducts/Vents

Other components such as the air con pipes/drainage may also need to be cleaned and/or unblocked. These pipes discharge water created through condensation in the wall units into the drainage – usually into the toilets or direct to the exterior of the house. These pipes can often be blocked, resulting in water leaking from the wall unit. You see this a lot with split systems.

Air vents and ducts in ducted air conditioning systems also need to be cleaned regularly. You never know what has caught up in these ducts, and dirty ducts can reduce your air conditioning’s efficiency by up to 30% or more! In addition, your family’s health may also be at risk if the ducts are not clean and bacteria build up.

How Often Do You Need Air Conditioning Service?

How Often Do You Need Air Conditioning Service?As you can see, it’s quite a tedious process to service and maintain an air conditioning system properly. The question a lot of homeowners have is, how often should it be done?

Generally speaking, air conditioning service should happen twice a year. Ideally every 6 months. However, depending on your budget, you could have one major service once a year, and carry out some DIY service work yourself.

Regardless of whether you are performing some service work yourself or outsourcing it all to an air conditioning company, you should look to service your air conditioning twice per year, minimally.

Air Conditioning Service Price & Company Selection

Air Conditioning Service Price & Company SelectionAs mentioned earlier, air conditioning service price can differ greatly from company to company, depending on whether parts need to be replaced. Make sure you do your own research on which companies have a good track record of providing quality service at affordable rates.

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