Air Conditioning Warehouse Sales

According to The Climate Council, 2014 was Australia’s third hottest year ever – with temperatures unlikely to abate thanks to a tropical el-Niño cycle. In these situations, keeping cool becomes more and more important, so it is no wonder that home air conditioners are in increasing demand.

The use of residential air conditioning systems in Australian homes has steadily increased over the last 10 years. Currently there are over 650,000 residential air conditioners sold in Australia annually and forward estimates indicate that this figure will continue to rise.

Jim’s Heating & Cooling is here to cater for that demand with warehouse pricing that represents the best value in South Australia.

According to the CanStar Blue Customer Satisfaction Ratings, it is estimated that most people use their air conditioner every day during the summer months. Household air conditioning costs equate to roughly 24% of surveyed consumers’ total electricity spend – making the search for an efficient model even more important.

(CANSTAR is Australia and New Zealand’s premier research and expert ratings agency working with more than 30,000 products and more than 300 brands in the financial services industry).

What are the best air conditioning brands?

Even if you have no clue as to which company makes the best brands there is a good chance that you have heard some of the names that are sold by Jim’s Heating and Cooling. We choose to sell only the most reliable, most highly rated brands that have been proven to provide efficiency, value for money and long running life.

We are proud to recommend Carrier, ActronAir, Hitachi, Mitsubishi, Samsung, Toshiba and Hitachi with absolute confidence. The real question you need to ask is not just which brand is best, but also which model is best for you.

There are three major features to look for in any brand of air conditioner that will be essential to your satisfaction in the years to come.

  • HIGH EFFICIENCY: Compare the efficiency ratings for the unit you plan to buy. A higher price doesn’t necessarily mean a higher efficiency ratings. A cheaper price now may not make up for the extra money you’ll spend running it over time because it uses too much power.
  • VERY QUIET INDOOR AND OUTDOOR UNITS: The increase in use of residential systems has generated an increase in complaints about noisy air conditioners. Noise from outdoor units located near outdoor entertaining areas, or in close proximity to neighbours should be considered. No-one can escape noise completely, but your air conditioner’s operating noise levels can have a major impact on comfort levels for your family.
  • SUBSTANTIAL WARRANTY: Jim’s Heating & Cooling only deal with the best quality brands, supported by extensive warranties, ensuring your peace of mind. We look forward to answering any of your questions, and assisting with the best advice and service.

Back up service also rates highly in importance. Remember, a quality brand is much less likely to cause you problems with break downs. If you stick to well-known names you probably won’t have any issues with your air conditioner working properly and lasting you a long time. Do your homework and choose Jim’s Heating & Cooling. We have a service network available and we won’t let you down!

What are the best air conditioning brands?

Your local Jim offers more than just warehouse sales

We don’t just sell you an air conditioner and forget you. We may cut prices but never our service level. Jim’s Heating & Cooling has a great range of across-the-board special offers and great service too. Enjoy the benefits of our huge buying power, coupled with the personal attention and support. A great combination, providing the best value and service for our customers.

Every home is different and so is the optimal air conditioning solution. Most traders offer supply and install packages, and some installation only. At Jim’s we offer warehouse prices, but we also back up every sale by going a step further for our customers. We can install your new unit using professional tradespeople with many years of industry experience.

We don’t just sell product – we see you through every step. Installation must be done by a licensed air conditioner installer, due to the ozone-depleting refrigerant gas handling that’s required. Cool air is heavier than warm air. So, for optimum cooling, the air outlet should be installed as close to the ceiling as possible, with the louvres pointing horizontally or upward. For heating, point the louvres downwards.

It’s generally better to install an air conditioner on a longer wall of a room, but we can recommend the best place for your individual situation.

The outdoor unit of your split system needs to be installed on a firm base (for example, a concrete slab) or attached to a wall, using sturdy brackets. It should be as close as possible to the indoor air outlet, preferably no more than 15m away.

Shade the outdoor part of your air conditioner from direct sunlight – for example, by installing it on a southern wall or providing an awning.

Temperature is not the only factor that affects comfort. Your air conditioner’s operating noise levels can have a major impact on comfort levels for your family. Noise from outdoor units located near outdoor entertaining areas, or in close proximity to neighbours should also be considered. We’ll help you determine the best location so this doesn’t become a problem.

Why you should insist on energy efficiency

As electricity prices continue to rise, air conditioner efficiency is more important than ever. Your local Jim stays up-to-date with the latest technologies designed to achieve better cooling and heating performance with less energy consumption.

Check energy ratings and be aware of the running costs for the units you want to purchase. A higher priced air conditioner doesn’t always add up to a high energy rating.

Air conditioners with inverter technology tend to be more efficient than regular units because they draw less energy and therefore cost less to run. Unlike a conventional air conditioners’ stop/start operation, inverter air conditioners work like the accelerator of a car, gently adjusting power to maintain your desired temperature without fluctuation. You get better performance and comfort.

Why choose Jim?

Jim’s Heating & Cooling guarantees service, quality and installation by qualified experts. Your local Jim really is … LOCAL! That means he not only is an expert in air conditioning and home heating, but he knows your area.

Trust Jim’s to provide you with the very best air conditioning prices available, without cutting corners. Ask for a free quote! Your local Jim will be happy to oblige.

Jim’s Heating & Cooling provides valuable customers with irresistible Air Conditioning Warehouse Sales, we take our customers very seriously. Call today for air conditioning warehouse sales.