Can a split system aircon serve a big room effectively?

Can a split system aircon serve a big room effectively?Would a split system aircon serve a big room effectively? – By Jim’s Heating and Cooling.

During the process of choosing your split system aircon, the choices you have to make can be a little challenging including which brand to choose, which model to select, kW size of the system, features, price range and much more.

While some of these decisions will end up working out themselves, if you choose the incorrect size of system you will not experience ultimate heating and cooling performance for the life of your system which can have a detrimental effect on your property and end up being a waste of your investment.

Finding the perfect size of system for your air conditioning is one of the first steps in the process and should be carried out by a professional air conditioning expert.

In this article, we explore the size of the system you need based on square metres, the features you should look for in a system, the process for selecting your system and other considerations when you are looking to ensure the room size you are looking to heat or cool is suitable for the size of the system you are purchasing.

Size of split system aircon based on square metres

Choosing a split system aircon unit for your property is not as easy as finding the square metres of the room on your house or unit plans and using this as the size you need to heat or cool, there is far more to the process than meets the eye. As a very brief overview, the size guide for a split system aircon is outlined below:

  • 2.8kW – 20 sqm
  • 4.2kW – 30 sqm
  • 5.6kW – 40 sqm
  • 7.0kW – 50 sqm
  • 8.4kW – 60 sqm

While these sizes might be a guide, you will need to delve a little deeper into the process of determining your size of the system.

A professional air conditioning retailer will usually be your best option for getting the best size of unit for your property, as a property with a unit that is too small will mean the system will have to run harder to heat or cool which will mean higher running costs and a system that is too large will end up being higher running costs as well as poor energy efficiency and difficulties controlling the temperature and climate in the home or office.

When you are working with an air conditioning expert to get the right size system for your needs you should also consider the following elements in your split system aircon search:

  1. The height of the ceiling – this is important the unit will need to heat and cool space within the entire room, and if you have high ceilings or even low ceilings, this will need to be held in consideration to ensure you are getting the best performance from your system.
  2. Insulation of walls and ceiling – this is a factor that is highly important as an insulated property will mean the heating and cooling will be able to be retained, and your split system will work more effectively in the process of keeping in the heated or cooled air. If you are looking to get a larger system or your room size is borderline between two sizes, insulation could make the difference in your decision-making process.
  3. The amount of windows in the room – having big sunny windows in your room if you are trying to cool or heat the space can have an effect on the output due to external elements and you should keep in mind the amount of windows and the size of windows in your decision-making process.

The climate finally, if you live in a tropical area cooling your space may be a little more difficult than if you lived in an environment that was less cool. Keeping this factor in mind when selecting your system and ensuring you choose a system that can work in the environment you live in will ensure you are getting the right size system for your needs and that the kilowatts of cooling and heating power are sufficient.

Features of a split system aircon

When you are making your decision on your split system aircon unit, it’s important to keep the features you need in mind to ensure you are purchasing a system that is not only the right size and the right price but also has the features you are looking for in a split system air conditioning unit.

Reverse cycle aircon – this is a given, however, you must ensure your air conditioning has heating and cooling as a feature to ensure you can perfectly climate control your home. If you are visiting a retailer, you should test the heating and cooling of the system and also be sure the reverse cycle system starts and heats or cools quickly.

Air purifier – split systems have air purifiers and filters to ensure nasty pollutants such as dust, debris, smoke particles, bacteria and any other natural elements are removed from the air in the air conditioning process. Air purifiers are ideal for individuals with allergies and are a feature if you have individuals in your property who suffer from asthma or any respiratory illnesses. Air purifiers also work for the aged and individuals who are susceptible to illness.

Fan speed – you will want to choose a system that has a range of fan speeds to ensure you can select a speed that meets your needs. Often you want to have a gentle climate controlled environment and other times if you are experiencing a heat wave you might need an environment that blasts heat or cool air into a room to create the perfect climate quickly, so multiple fan speeds provide the solution to this issue and should be a feature you look out for in a split system.

Remote control – if you would like the convenience of being able to turn on or off your system from your couch, chair or bed, ensuring you have a remote control is essential. You can even go a further step by seeking out a remote control that has the option of turning off any lights on the system to ensure that if you are using the system in a bedroom, there are no bright lights disturbing you while you sleep.

Eco mode – if you are conscious about energy efficiency, there are plenty of eco options for split system air conditioners to ensure you are using energy saving techniques to keep the costs down for the running of your air conditioning unit and to ensure the output in energy is as low as possible.  

Things to consider before choosing your split system aircon

If you have a room that needs to be heated or cooled using a split system air conditioning, keep in mind that you should always engage professionals to visit your property and measure your area to ensure you are getting the right system for your needs. While searching online and doing the work yourself might be an option before you make a final decision you will need to determine if the system meets your specific needs and what you gauge to be the most important.

Things to consider before choosing your split system aircon:

  • Brand of the unit
  • Model of the unit
  • Energy rating
  • Energy output
  • Size of your space
  • Features you need for the split system air conditioning unit
  • Price
  • Cost for installation

All of these factors play a part in your decision-making process, and it is important to note that a split system air conditioning system will add considerable value to your property, so it is essential to do the necessary research to ensure you get the perfect system for your needs.

As well as all the things to consider above, when you have decided on which system you need to heat or cool your room effectively, you should be sure to engage the services of a qualified and experienced heating and cooling installer to ensure your split system unit is installed properly.

An air conditioning installer provides this service for a living and understands the intricate details of ensuring your split system air conditioner is installed properly. Installers work with refrigerant, electricity and ensuring your system is properly installed using the copper refrigerant pipe.

If you are looking to install a split system unit for a big room or any size room for that matter, engage a professional air conditioning expert to ensure you are getting the best system for your needs. A professional has worked in the industry and understands the features and benefits of Australia’s leading split system air conditioning units.

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