Cheap Air Conditioner Adelaide

Air conditioners can be an expensive purchase at the best of times; however keeping you and your family cool in the sweltering Adelaide summers should be a priority for everyone. Not everyone is in the position to go out and purchase the latest and greatest air conditioning unit, however, there are many options when it comes to high quality, but cheaper air conditioning units.

So in an effort to review the opportunities for cooling your home or office space, there are a few key considerations that need to be addressed before you make your decision.

How to find the best air conditioning for your home, office or space

Depending on the size of the space you are looking to cool, different sized units will be more effective and efficient to cool and obviously differently priced from a purchasing perspective. The general rules for the effective cooling for your spaces are:

  • 2.6kw range – 25sq meters (Bedroom, study, small office)
  • 3.5kw range – 25 to 30sq meters (Bedroom with ensuite, small lounge)
  • 5-6kw range – 35 – 60sq meters (Large bedroom, mid-size lounge)
  • 7-8kq range – 60 – 80sq meters (Large lounges, open plan living areas, small shops)

Anything bigger that this will require multiple, multi-head or ducted air conditioning systems to be most effective in your house or across multiple rooms. These units however start at about $3500 for a multi-head unit or $8000+ for a basic ducted unit. The pricing for the above ranges depending on the kW output, features offered and of course the brand names.

It is important to ensure you find the right size system for your needs, as without the right system for your space you might wind up paying too much for your running costs by purchasing a unit that is too small for your needs.

An additional consideration for you to make is not only the space you are looking to cool internally but also the external space available to place the units. If you are living in a house, with access to all roof cavities and a backyard, then your options are a plenty. But it you live in an apartment with a small external wall and balcony, your choice of system may be limited.

Air Conditioner buying tip : Are you renting or do you own the property?

As a property owner, you have the ultimate decision on installing an air conditioning unit, you may need to put holes in walls and affix units to internal and external fittings. However, if you are renting your place of work or residence then you may find yourself limited in your choice of air conditioning unit.

That being said, the large number of temporary solutions of cheap air conditioner units – such as portable and window units – are often more cost effective from a purchasing point of view, with units starting from around $370. These portable units can be simply removed with little to no physical changes to the property required – keeping your landlords happy!

Are you looking to heat and cool?

Reverse cycle options for many of the air conditioning units available from air conditioning retailers are extremely versatile, allowing you to adjust the settings to heat or cool your property depending on the need.

For the extreme heat and cold that can be experienced in Adelaide, there are many cheap reverse cycle systems starting from around $750 available, all with very limited kW output, however, they will provide a good all year round solution for your needs.

It’s important to decide if you are looking for an air conditioning unit that has reverse cycle functionality as the features and prices will vary to a basic cooling air conditioning unit.

Should I buy a well known brand or a cheap air conditioner unit – like a home brand?

To brand or not to brand…that is the question! There are a lot of well-known and reputable brands of almost every product that we buy today. Be it on our supermarket shelves, our cars, even our air conditioning units.

Similar to the ‘private label’ or ‘home brand’ options in our supermarkets, the generic brands of cheap air conditioner units will offer you a product that will do a ‘similar job’ to what you are looking for, but they are not the brand names.

However, if you are looking at a cheaper alternative the generic brands may be a way for you to enter into the market. There are several key things to remember to look for if you are going to purchase a cheaper generic brand.

Things to consider when buying a cheap air conditioner unit:

  1. Warranty: Ensure you look how long your warranty and guarantee is for the product, as it needs to be fit for purpose. It may be worth investing a little more to extend this with your retailer or installation company if you can. Some electrical stores offer extended warranties for products, which can help to cover any shortfall from a warranty that may not be long enough.
  2. Features: Does the unit have all the features that you need such as timers, reverse cycle, temperature controls and remote access which are all of benefit to you effectively operating your systems? Ensuring you have the features you need in your air conditioning system is essential. There is no point having a system that doesn’t meet your needs, so ensure the features are suitable before you make your final decision.
  3. Efficiency: Is the system energy efficient when it’s running? The cost may be lower on some cheaper systems but it’s important to ensure you check the hourly running cost of the systems, as any saving you potentially made in the cheaper purchase price may be eroded through the increased running cost of the systems.

Buying a cheap air conditioner – Pay now or pay later?

Although there are so many options for cheaper air conditioning units with portable/window units from $370, split system invertors from $735 and reverse cycle split systems from $750 – all of which are special prices it must be noted – there is another way.

With the relentless heat (and cold) of the Adelaide seasons, you and your family can get the solution you need, rather than a solution that ‘will do’, by utilising the flexi payment options available with the top retailers.

Using a system that effectively allows you to install now and pay later will enable you to get a system you need and pay over a series of instalments. These options allow you to arrange weekly, fortnightly or monthly flexible payments, so you can look outside the cheaper options of air conditioning and purchase the air conditioning unit with all the features, advantages and benefits you and your family need.

With easy pre-approval processes to avoid disappointment, these are exceptional options in getting the right air conditioning unit for your Adelaide Property.

Pros and cons for cheap air conditioner units

While there are many good options for finding a cheaper air conditioning unit for your Adelaide home or office, like with any air conditioning purchase there are pros and cons for each solution. Expert advice can often be the best course of action to ensure you are getting exactly the solution that you require for your needs.

Experts such as Jim’s Heating and Cooling can guide you towards a solution that meets not only your heating/cooling requirements but also your budget.

While there are many key features, add-ons and systems that can add significant costs to your air conditioning purchase, the key is to ensure you understand how much you can afford, what you are looking to achieve and if you are prepared to have a generic brand in your home. With all this in mind, there are still options such as the flexi payment, which can open up the available systems and brands that may fulfil your needs.

Air conditioning is something that will provide comfort for you and your family all year round, speak to an expert to find out what is the best for you so you can climate control your property and enjoy the benefits of a comfortable, air conditioned property year round.

For more information prices and benefits of installing an air conditioning system in your Adelaide property speak with a qualified and experienced air conditioning specialist from Jim’s Heating & Cooling today to discuss the best options.