How To Save Money On Your Ducted Air Conditioning Cost

How To Save Money On Your Ducted Air Conditioning CostAir conditioning in Adelaide can be a major part of a household’s energy usage and if you’re looking for ways to reduce your ducted air conditioning costs there are plenty of ways to save energy and wads of cash each year by following a few simple steps.

Whether you have a ducted air conditioner, a reverse cycle ducted air conditioner or any other air conditioning unit for that matter; here are some great tips for saving money on your annual air conditioning expenses and keeping your home at the perfect temperature year round.

If you’re interested in saving costs during the summer season or simply reducing your energy across your property, here are our top tips for saving money on your ducted air conditioning costs.

Ducted Air Conditioning Cost Control Tips

Cool your house without blowing your ducted air conditioning cost.

When it’s hot, our first reaction is usually to crank the ducted air conditioning so that the house cools to an icy cold level. Rather than cranking your system, it will save running costs if you set your thermostat at a sensible temperature and wait for the home to cool slowly.

Experts say that for every 1 degree you lower your ducted air conditioning unit the running costs jump up an extra 10%. Air conditioning systems set at really low temperatures will cost more money over time, so setting the temperature for a slightly higher temp and cooling your house slowly will provide cost savings over the course of a year.

Follow this tip to reduce your ducted air conditioning cost.

Perform regular maintenance on your ducted air conditioning unit.

Perform regular maintenance on your ducted air conditioning unit.Like any system, your air conditioning needs regular maintenance to ensure it runs at optimum levels. Any dust or dirt in the ceiling ducts should be removed and bringing in professional ducted air conditioning experts as maintenance and servicing is required is a great way to keep your system in tip-top shape.

Keep any gardens trimmed back around the external ducted air conditioning compressor unit outside the house to ensure the best performance of the system. If you know how to clean the filters of your ducted air conditioning unit this is a simple way to keep it clean and in good condition.

Turn off the unit, flip the air grill, remove the filter and vacuum as needed.

Don’t run your ducted air conditioning system for too long.

While at times, especially during summer, it feels like we could run our ducted air conditioning systems all day, they do need a break to ensure the best possible performance. Consider setting the ducted air conditioning unit to power up half an hour before you arrive home or even an hour after you usually fall asleep.

Timetabling the amount of time your air conditioner is operating will save a great deal of money over time and save energy.

These days there are phone apps for a range of uses and if you have a smart system built into your home you can even activate the air conditioning from your phone as you are heading home to ensure the property is the perfect temperature upon your arrival.

Cool your home ahead of hot days

Rather than blasting your home with cold air on scorching hot days, pre-cool your home ahead of predicted heat waves so your home is pre-cooled during the off peak periods and the system doesn’t have to power through the hottest days of the year.

Pre-cooling is an excellent way to save money and will allow your ducted air conditioning system to work at a more sustainable level and without the need for powering on during the hottest part of the day.

Ensure your outdoor unit is shaded – Best Tip To Reduce Ducted Air Conditioning Cost!

Ensuring your outdoor ducted air conditioning unit is protected from the sun will impact the efficiency of your system and can make it up to 10% more efficient than systems exposed to full sun.

Your air conditioning unit should have a clearance of up to one metre without shrubs or anything restricting the airflow to the compressor to work efficiently. Due to the fact that the unit emits heat in the heating and cooling process, it’s important to have a cleared area around the unit for energy efficiency and safety.

Invest in a roof ventilation system

Heat stored in your roof can add significant costs to your energy and affect the efficiency of your ducted air conditioning unit.

Installing a roof ventilation system expels hot air from your roof and works to cool your home quickly and without the need for extra air conditioning. Installing a simple system will reduce your air conditioning requirements considerably at a very low investment.

Invest in window treatments

Often investments such as window treatments such as heat reflective block out blinds and shutters can help to considerably reduce the costs of running ducted air conditioning in your home.

During the summer months, in particular, using window treatments to repel heat and sunlight can go a long way to reducing your ducted air conditioning needs and will provide significant cost savings.

No matter what ducted air conditioning system you have installed in your home or commercial property, focusing on the tips above will help to reduce costs and improve your energy efficiency.

Setting temperature controls and timers on your central thermostat will go a long way to saving tremendous amounts of money on your ducted air conditioning costs over the life of your air conditioning unit.

Ducted Air Conditioning Cost Saving Tips

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