Evaporative air conditioning prices in Adelaide

Evaporative air conditioning prices in Adelaide

The Australian climate is well known for its hot weather and challenging climate with air conditioning a must-have in inland areas and coastal areas of the country that struggle with stifling heat during summer and cool chills during winter.

For some homeowners and property owners, evaporative air conditioning systems are an affordable and simple way to climate control a property.

Residents within the property can enjoy the comfort of a cooling system that offers the benefit of a more natural and comfortable cooled space than traditional air conditioning systems.

Evaporative air conditioning prices do vary for a number of reasons, particularly based on the required controls, size, and the location where it will be installed.

Ideally, the best conditions for an evaporative cooler are locations that are hot and dry, rather than humid due to the fact that the cooling effect is limited for an evaporative cooler the more humid it gets. Evaporative coolers are not recommended for tropical climates and are usually found in areas such as Victoria, South Australia and southern states of Australia where it is less humid.

Benefits of evaporative air conditioning systems

Many Australians prefer evaporative cooling systems over traditional air conditioning units for several reasons. Mainly the natural cooling environment is a particular benefit and feature of evaporative cooling systems over air conditioning units that re-circulate air continuously.

Benefits of evaporative air conditioning units include:

Lower cost to run

During summer, when the hot weather is at its peak, electricity costs also surge twice as much in most households. Comparatively, evaporative cooler air conditioning system are much cheaper to run which means that your electricity bill will be lower during the summer months.

More comfortable and natural environment

Evaporative cooling units are designed to create a more natural cooling system by drawing air from the outside environment, passing the air through wet filter pads and them pushing the air into your internal environment.

The process is so efficient, property owners can leave doors and windows open and enjoy a more natural way of cooling compared to ducted and traditional air conditioning systems which require rooms, doors and windows to be closed for maximum cooling effect.

Long life span

Evaporative coolers are highly reliable and durable and have a life span of between 15 and 20 years if well maintained and serviced.

The systems are simple to use and maintain and won’t cost the earth to install or run, making them an affordable option for cooling your residential or commercial property.

Suitable for people with breathing issues

Individuals with breathing and respiratory issues are usually drawn to the benefits of evaporative coolers due to the filtered, natural air and the benefits associated with the cooling systems.

An evaporative air conditioning unit offers clean and natural air that is filtered, allowing individuals with allergies the benefit of cooling that does not recycle uses air, rather is drawn directly from the outdoors, passed through damp filter pads and pushed into the indoor environment without delay.

In some air conditioning units, the air is constantly re-circulated making residents feel as if the air is stale which can also lead to respiratory issues if the system is not regularly cleaned and maintained.

Cost of evaporative cooling systems

Ordinary ducted air conditioning system can consume more than $0.75 per hour just for a mere 20 square metre area? While in use, traditional ducted air conditioners can emit as much as 2 tonnes of carbon dioxide, which can be harmful not just to the environment but your family as well.

On the other hand, evaporative air conditioning systems will only produce a fraction of CO2 compared to the ordinary systems and are less harmful to the atmosphere, making them a viable option for individuals looking for an affordable cooling system that is far more beneficial health-wise than traditional air conditioning systems.

The cost of ducted evaporative air conditioning systems is all dependent on the size, location and a range of other factors.

For a small, portable evaporative cooling unit, prices can start from a few hundred dollars.

The real cost savings for evaporative air conditioning comes down to the running costs which compared to reverse cycle air conditioning units can be 90% cheaper than ducted systems

Evaporative air conditioning systems offer lower energy usage and lower running costs, meaning they are a particularly viable option for properties within dry and hot locations that offer the ideal conditions for an evaporative cooling unit.

For more information prices and benefits of installing an evaporative air conditioning system in your Adelaide property speak with a qualified and experienced air conditioning specialist from Jim’s Heating & Cooling today to discuss the best options.