Braemar Air Conditioner Review

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Braemar Air Conditioner Review

Braemar Air Conditioner Systems are amongst some of the best air conditioners in the home heating and cooling industry. Find out what makes Braemar a top brand in air conditioning and it’s key features and benefits.

Braemar Air Conditioner Review – The Company

Braemar has been in the air conditioning industry for over 50 years. That’s over 4 decades of providing top quality air conditioner systems in Australia. Manufactured by Seeley International, Braemar Air Conditioners are reknown for their reliability and innovation. Besides Braemar, Seeley also manufactures other top winning brands such as Breezair, Climat Wizard, Convair, Coolair and Coolerado.

With factories in Adelaide, Albury and New South Wales, Seeley provides a high level of customer support and satisfaction throughout Australia. Braemar is one of the top air conditioner brands in the industry.

Braemar Air Conditioner Review – The Features

Braemar air conditioner systems come in various different models, including Ducted Inverse Cycle, Wall Inverter Split System, Ducted Fixed Speed Reverse Cycle, and more. Depending on your home or office cooling & heating objectives, you will need to decide on which suits your situation best. Below, we will just take a look at the key benefits of Braemar as a brand, as each model has it’s own unique benefits.

Brand & Reputation

Braemar has a long and proven track record for quality and reliability. Known for it’s ingenuity and innovation, and backed by decades of strong R&D investments, the Braemar has become one of the most trusted brand in the Australian HVAC industry. Braemar has also receive numerous industry and governmental accolades such as multiple Good Design Awards, CCN Awards and Australian Design Awards. The company is known to operate upon a high level of integrity and uncompromised focus on quality and customer satisfaction.

Energy Efficient

Braemar Air Conditioner ReviewBraemar air conditioner systems feature high efficiency inverter systems that significantly reduce power consumption. These DC compressors enable Braemar air conditioner systems to achieve the highest energy star ratings in the industry (up to 7 star), and also deliver the lowest noise emissions. Braemar air conditioner systems are known to be some of the most energy efficient systems in the industry.

Cooling Performance

Braemar air conditioner systems offer excellent cooling performance. Featuring advanced inverter technology and an R410A refrigerant, Braemar air conditioner systems deliver superior cooling effectiveness over larger areas.

User Features

Each system comes with an extensive set of user settings that can be controlled via an advanced remote controller. From various operating modes, to zoning, to climate controls, as well as timer functions, each Braemar air conditioner gives the user ultimate control over their home heating cooling.

Reliability, Support and Warranty

Braemar Air Conditioner ReviewBraemar air conditioner systems are manufactured to high quality standards, utilizing good quality parts with the purpose of delivering the longest lifespan on each system. All models are tested and measured to the highest quality standards, ensuring that the brand continues to deliver on it’s promise of quality excellence.

With factories located in South Australia and New South Wales, and an extensive network of service partners, Braemar offers a high level of customer support that is timely and affordable.

In terms of warranty, Braemar systems come with a 5 year comprehensive warranty that covers compressor, labour and parts.

Braemar Air Conditioner Review Summary

Braemar continues from strength to strength with it’s extensive range of air conditioners and home heating systems. Each air conditioner is backed by years of innovation, customer satisfaction and excellent customer support. Braemar’s inverter technology also makes it one of the most energy efficient brands in the industry, achieving up to 7 star energy ratings. For a reliable and high performance HVAC system, Braemar would be a good option for many home or office users.