Braemar Evaporative Air Conditioning

Braemar Evolution Series Evaporative Air Conditioner

Braemar Evaporative Air ConditioningWhy Choose Braemar Evaporative Air Conditioning

  • Fresh, healthy air
  • High energy efficiency
  • Low running costs
  • Whisper quiet cooling
  • Environmental benefits
  • Whole of home cooling
  • So easy to use
  • Trusted Australian company
  • Built to out-last
  • Superb engineering

Ducted evaporative air conditioning – an overview

Ducted evaporative air conditioning is a fantastic way to cool your home as it is efficient, cost-effective and easy to operate.

At Jim’s, we are proud to offer you access to the best brands in the business, brands like Breezair, Braemar and Coolair all locally made by the multi-award winning Seeley International at Lonsdale.

We are also pleased to provide you with a FREE quote and inspection as well as giving you prompt and reliable installation and follow up support.

It’s customer service at its best and it is why Jim’s, a proud South Australian company has an outstanding reputation in the air conditioning industry.


When it comes to delivering powerful cooling performance during the harshest Australian summer, Braemar has no peer. Every part of the Braemar cooler is designed to deliver maximum cooling performance with minimum energy and water consumption. With decades of air conditioning experience, superior design and advanced technology, Braemar coolers will deliver wonderfully cool comfort even during the hottest heatwaves

Braemar is renowned for its whisper quiet operation. The secret is its state of the art, Stealth® fan that ensures a constant, even flow of air through the Chillcel pads, giving you a cool, quiet and welcoming breeze.

Braemar’s incredibly smart automatic drain valve and its AUTOWinterseal features, reduce the need for seasonal maintenance as your system will automatically empty its reservoir, leaving it clean and dry while closing off the air conditioning ducts to prevent cold draughts and heat loss in winter.

Braemar an industry leader

Braemar Evaporative Air Conditioning

Braemar was thefirst evaporative cooler to integrate the water distribution system into the design of the cabinet. The result is a robust free flow distributor that not only reduces the number of moving parts in the cooler, but also ensures an even and reliable water coverage of the Chillcel pads. The Braemar water distribution system won’t block the flow of water to the pads and can’t move out of place over time. That’s clever!


Braemar Evolution Series Evaporative Cooling

Introducing The New Braemar Evolution Series – The Coldest Low Profile Evaporative Air Conditioner

The new Braemar Evolution is the highest capacity sloped tank evaporative air conditioner. And one of the smallest unit, making it less discreet on a roof top. It sits unobstrusively below the roof ridgeline, almost out of plain sight.

Braemar Evolution Series Evaporative Cooling

Features of the Braemar Evolution Series Evaporative Cooling

With 7 years comprehensive warranty and over 65 years of Braemar excellence and reliability, the Braemar Evolution series comes to you with advanced features that deliver the coldest experience yet on an evaporative cooling system.

Maximum Cooling

Honeycomb high efficiency Chillcel technology in the cooling filter pads cover the entire side of the air conditioner, delivering the maximum cooling performance ever on an evaporative cooling system. Now you can enjoy a cooler home atmosphere along with known air quality that evaporative air conditioners deliver.

Even Water Coverage

The newly designed water distribution systems includes an advanced pressurised and free flow water division system, which ensures even water coverage within a compact height. This allows for maximum pad area exposure and cooling. This is one of the key advances of the Braemar Evolution Series that makes it the coldest model yet.

UV Stabilised and Corrosion Free

The cabinet and water reservoir components are injection molded structural form polypropylene (Permatuf), UV stabilised and corrosion free. The unit is designed to withstand the most extreme climates and temperatures, and retains it’s durability over many years.

Superstealth Technology

SuperStealth inverter motor and fan delivers the highest efficiency with maximum airflow. Designed to run very quietly, the new Braemar Evolution Evaporative air conditioner delivers the best cooling performance almost without any operational sound.

Minimise Drafts In Winter

To effectively minimise drafts in winter, the WeatherSeal consists of two semi-circular poplypropylene blades, hinged and counterbalanced to open automatically when the fan is switched on. And to close with the fan is switched off.


The improved Tornado pump delivers optimum, long term reliability.


More great reasons to choose Braemar

A Braemar ducted evaporative air conditioning system delivers you 100 percent fresh air whenever you turn it on and that’s good to know when you have your family and friends around. There is nothing stale, odorous or unhygienic.

It also uses up to 80% less electricity than comparable refrigerated systems and that translates to big savings on your quarterly power bills.

Another great benefit of choosing a Braemar evaporative air conditioner is that you can keep the air fresh and circulating by leaving the doors and windows open which in turn, guarantees a natural, fresh and healthy form of “lifestyle” cooling.

It’s an allergy free asthma-safe environment and for many families today, that is a key criteria, plus it never dries out your eyes, your skin or your indoor plants .. and that makes it pet-friendly too!

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