Braemar Evolution Series Evaporative Cooling

Introducing Braemar Evolution Series Evaporative Cooling

Braemar Evaporative Cooling is one of the top evaporative air conditioning brands in the market. Manufactured by trusted homegrown heating and cooling company, Seeley International, it delivers one of the best evaporative cooling performance in the industry.

Seeley has recently launched the new Evolution Series. This is a huge upgrade to it’s range of evaporative air conditioners, featuring many advances and enhancements over the previous line of evaporative systems.

Benefits of a Braemar Evolution Evaporative Air Conditioner

Braemar Evolution Series Evaporative Cooling

Coldest Evaporative Cooling Yet

The Braemar Evolution is the coldest evaporative air conditioner available in the market today. Employing a high performance Honeycomb Chillcel Cooling filter that spans the entire side of the system, it delivers maximum cooling throughout the day. It can achieve lower temperatures than previous models by maximising the exposure of the air taken in to the cooling filter.

One of the biggest downsides to evaporative cooling thus far, is that home owners find the air not cold and crisp enough. With the evolution series, Braemar moves a step closer to delivering cold air that is closer to what a refrigerated system can generate. This creates a colder room atmosphere, while still delivering a better air quality with higher humidity.

Seamless Style & Low Profile

The Braemar Evolution also looks much sleeker now. With a low profile, seamless style and curves that blend it discreetly below the roof ridgeline. This is a huge design improvement over the bulkier, rectangular tanks that formed up the previous models. As before, you can choose from a range of colors to suit your style and your home.

Cost Effective & Lowest Running Cost

The evolution series is even more efficient than existing evaporative cooling models. It can deliver all day cooling at up to 90% lower running cost than a ducted or split system reverse cycle air conditioner. This means that you can save up to 90% on your daily electricity usage, and keep your home nice and comfy throughout summer, without having to deal with excessive power bills.


The Braemar Evolution is backed by a 7 year comprehensive warranty and well supported by Seeley’s existing service network and distributors. Spare parts are easily available and the product comes with over 65 years of excellence and reliability that is behind the Braemar brand.  

Natural Environment & Atmosphere

The evolution series creates the most natural cooling for any home. With temperatures achieving as low as 21°, it delivers a cold comfortable atmosphere all day with air that has a higher humidity than a ducted or split system. This means that the air feels more natural, like nature’s breeze. The higher humidity also makes the air easier to breathe and more comfortable on the skin.


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