Braemar Reverse Cycle Air ConditioningBraemar Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning

Reverse cycle air conditioning is one of the most popular air conditioning choices for Adelaide home owners. Reverse cycle air conditioners are able to generate both cold and hot air, allowing it to keep homes cool during summers and warm during winters. For this reason, it is a very versatile option for home owners who want an all-in-one solution to their home heating and cooling needs.

One of the top brands for reverse cycle air conditioning is Braemar. Manufactured by Seely International, which is a 100% Australian owned company, Braemar is one of the top brands for air conditioning and ducted gas heating in Australia. Seely’s vision is to lead the world in climate control solutions through innovation premium quality and energy efficiency.

For that reason, Braemar products feature the highest energy star ratings and some of the most advanced technologies found in air conditioners. Below are some benefits with regards to Braemar reverse cycle air conditioners.

Braemar Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning – Ducted & Ductless Models

Braemar featured both Ducted and Ductless reverse cycle air conditioning. Ducted air conditioners distribute conditioned air via a network of ducts and vents throughout a home. While ductless air conditioners are like Wall Split or Multi-system air conditioners, which are installed onto the walls of every room to be air conditioned. Both have it’s own advantages but generally, ducted air conditioners are more ideal for larger multi-storey homes.

In those scenarios, it would just not be feasible or cost-effective to install numerous wall split systems and multiple compressors. A ducted air conditioner, would then be better able to distribute conditioned air throughout the home via it’s ducts and air vents.

Braemar Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning – The Benefits

Braemar Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning Energy Efficiency, Standards Compliance and Green Braemar Reverse Cycle Air ConditioningSeely International invests heavily into it’s service and support infrastructure. Braemar reverse cycle air conditioners all come with 5 years comprehensive warranty and are backed by an extensive network of dealers and service agents throughout Australia.

When you buy Braemar, you are really buying into service excellence and peace of mind. In addition, all braemar reverse cycle air conditioning models are fully MEPS (Australian Minimum  Energy Performance Standards) compliant. This means that braemar air conditioners are manufactured to minimise energy consumption.

In addition, all braemar reverse cycle air conditioners use the eco-friendly R410A refrigerant. This reduces the impact of air conditioning use on the environment.

DC Inverter Technology An “inverter” is a power conversion circuit capable of regulating voltage, current and frequency. The inverter can effectively scale up the power mode of an air conditioner (when more cooling is needed) and also scale it down (when sufficiently cooling or heating is achieved).

Air conditioning inverter technology is a very important benefit – as it provides considerable energy conservation when the preset temperature in a room has been achieved. This means that when cooling or heating has sufficiently been achieved in a room, the air conditioner switches down to a lower power mode – consuming far less power. Braemar Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning

Inverter technology has allowed modern air conditioners to significantly increase their energy efficiency. Braemar’s implementation of it’s DC Inverter, is one of the best in the industry and has resulted in many of it’s reverse cycle models achieving high energy star ratings.

Other Key Features Braemar reverse cycle air conditioners feature many other useful benefits. From multiple fan speeds (1 to 7), to quiet operation (runs at just above the human audible sound level), to advanced 3D airflow with movable louvers, and a host of sleep, timer and climate control functions on the controller, you can control every aspect of your home climate easily.

The ducted reverse cycle air conditioners by Braemar also feature zone controls, which allow you to pre-set the climate conditions for up to 8 zones in your home. You can control every aspect of cooling and heating for each zone in your home.

Braemar Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning – Why Braemar

Braemar Reverse Cycle Air ConditioningBraemar has consistently delivered reliable, premium quality air conditioners over the years. It’s a brand that Australians identify with and trust. Braemar’s focus on customer service also means that service and support is easily reachable, through it’s vast network of dealers and service agents.

In addition, Braemar air conditioners are very reliable and can be quite durable, when given the proper service and maintenance. In addition, pricing for Braemar air conditioners are very reasonable. For home owners with a limited budget, Braemar offers

Braemar High Efficiency Ultimate Inverter Wall Split System

Air Conditioning Adelaide - Braemar Ultimate Inverter Split System

Braemar has recently released a brand new range of split system air conditioners. Called the High Efficiency Ultimate Inverter, this range of split system air conditioners offer very high energy star ratings and are more environmentally friendly.

Using an R32 Refrigerant along with an excellent implementation of the Inverter Technology, the Ultimate Inverter series by Braemar delivers up to 6-Star Energy Efficiency on Cooling and 5-Stars on Heating. This is one of the highest efficiency ratings possible for split systems.

Besides energy efficiency, the Braemar Ultimate Inverter range also offers the following benefits.

“I Feel” Mode

The air conditioner senses your presence in the room and directs the air flow towards you. Maximising comfort for you and your family. This involves the use of a 3D sensor which intelligently tracks people in the room.


The unit is DRED Enabled. This is a technical feature that reduces power consumption at peak load times. Working alongside the inverter, this feature significantly reduces the running cost of the air conditioner unit.

3D Air Flow

Advanced air flow controls delivers 30% more targeted and optimised heating and cooling within a room. Ensuring maximum comfort for all in the room.

More Accurate Temptation Variations

Now with the ultimate inverter range, you can control the temperature up to 0.1° variations. This allows for a more accurate control over your in-home climate.

Braemar Ultimate Inverter Wall Split System – Stylish Design

The Ultimate Inverter series is stylishly white and designed to fit the interior decor of any home. It’s sleek minimalist look gives it a very elegant feel.

Looking to install Split System Air Conditioning?

Contact Jim’s Heating and Cooling today and speak to our consultant about the Braemar Ultimate Inverter Series.

Braemar Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning – For your home?

Air conditioning can be a very personal thing. What works for a home owner may not be ideal for another. To determine if Braemar reverse cycle air conditioning is ideal for your home, you will need to evaluate your own objectives for home heating and cooling, and determine the budget you want to set aside for air conditioning. You should also do research and collect feedback (online or word of mouth) on various brands and models.

In general, Braemar air conditioners are a reliable and price effective choice.