Braemar Split System Air Conditioning

Braemar split system air conditioners come with 5 years comprehensive warranty and are backed by reknown manufacturer Seeley’s service and support infrastructure. Seeley has been in the home heating and cooling industry for over 40 years, providing top quality air conditioning systems ranging from ducted air conditioners, to split systems, to ducted heating and wall furnaces. Brands under Seeley include Breezair, Braemar, Climate Wizard, Convair, Coolair and Coolerado. With factories in Adelaide, South Australia, Albury and NSW, all Seeley products are well supported and you can be sure to have easy access to support and parts throughout Australia. This post reviews Seeley’s range of Braemar Split System air conditioning which comes in the Premium and Universal Range.

Braemar Premium Range Split System 

The Premium range includes 5 models, from a 2.6kW to 8.0kW in cooling capacity. The range is more efficient to run than the Universal range, consuming up to 9% less power than the Universal range. The premium range also comes with every advanced feature available, including a highly efficient implementation of the DC inverter technology. Below are some features found in the Premium range.

Energy Efficient DC Inverter

Braemar Wall Split System Air Conditioner

Inverter technology allows an air conditioner system to scale up or down it’s operational power according to how much heating or cooling is demanded. If the room temperature is higher than the desired preset temperature, the inverter scales up the power to deliver more cooling. Once the desired room temperature is achieved, the system scales down to low power mode which is very energy efficient. Over the years, Braemar has improved on it’s inverter technology significantly and today boasts some of the most energy efficient systems in the market.

“I Feel” Wireless Remote Control

This is a sensor technology that detects the room temperature where the remote controller is located. This is built on the premise that most users have the remote close to themselves when controlling the climate in a room. By detecting the current temperature at the remote, the system then scales up or down the power to rapidly bring the temperature down or up to the required levels. This maximises the comfort level for the user.

3D Air Flow Settings

Braemar Split System Air Conditioning This features detects the temperature in different sections of a room and directs airflow towards areas that require more heating or cooling. Remember those times when you wished a section of a room would be cooler? With 3D airflow, the air vanes are automatically adjusted to direct sufficient airflow evenly through a room.

7 Fan Settings

The premium range comes with 7 fan speed settings. Most conventional wall splits feature up to 3-4 speed settings. Having more fan settings allow you to better control the cooling and heating in a room. Different users can set different levels of fan speed according to their own preference. This is an often overlooked but highly useful feature.

Turbo Mode

On a hot summer day, there is nothing worse than waiting an hour for your home to cool. This is where Turbo Mode comes in very handy. The Premium range’s Turbo Mode kicks the system into maximum power mode, rapidly cooling your home. This mode allows you to achieve your desired room temperature much sooner. Turbo Mode does consume more power but when you consider the shorter time it takes to cool, it pans out fine. Once the desired room temperature is achieved, the air conditioner goes into low power mode and the consumption evens out.

Quiet Mode

This mode allows you to scale down the fan speed and operational power level to a very low noise setting. The air conditioner becomes barely audible and runs almost silently. Great for light sleepers or quiet environments like libraries or boardrooms.

Auto Restart

This feature is useful for when there are power outages. When the power comes back on, the air conditioning system restarts on it’s own and autonomously. And continues with it’s heating and cooling functions until the desired room temperature is achieved. This is a convenient feature to have.

So is Braemar Split System Air Conditioning recommended?

Given the quality and extensive support network behind this range of air conditioners, the answer is a strong yes. Of course, you will need to evaluate your personal heating and cooling objectives, to determine if other brands and models suit you better. However, in terms of features and performance, Braemar’s Premium Split System air conditioners definitely make the mark. In fact, given  their energy efficiency and reasonable price range, they are a strong recommendation for average sized homes.

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