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Carrier Air Conditioning Systems

Carrier Ducted Reverse Cycle & Wall Split System Air Conditioners

Carrier is certainly one of the leading brands in air conditioning industry. Founded by Willis Carrier as early as 1902, Carrier has continually improved it’s industry leadership over the years, by focusing on innovation and environmental stewardship.

Today, Carrier air conditioners are amongst the best in the industry, with some of the highest energy star ratings and performance. Carrier manufactures a wide range of air conditioner models in both ducted air conditioning and wall split system categories. Most models of Carrier air conditioning also feature Reverse Cycle, which means they can produce hot and cold air.

Below is an overview of the features and benefits of Carrier Air Conditioning.

Features Of Carrier Wall Split Air Conditioners

Carrier Air Conditioning - Ducted Reverse Cycle & Wall Split System By Carrier

  • Customised air distribution: with three fan speeds
  • Louver position memory: when starting the unit (after shutting down), the louvers will restore to the angle originally set by the user
  • Silent mode: the indoor unit can operate at a lower noise level.  This occurs as the fan speed can shift lower, thereby reducing the sound of the indoor unit
  • Follow me mode: the sensor built into the remote controller is active and the air conditioner will regulate the room temperature based on the temperature around the remote controller
  • Cooling performance even at 48°C outdoor temperature and as low as -15°C for heating
  • Automatic error diagnosis
  • Hidden display: light can be turned off by remote controller when unit is running
  • 5 year warranty for consumer confidence

Features Of Carrier Ducted Air Conditioners

Energy Saving
When indoor temperatures reach your desired levels, Carrier inverter air conditioners can operate their compressors at low speeds and maintain desired temperatures, thus saving you electricity cost by about 40% compared to non inverter air conditioners. Both the Carrier ducted air conditioners and Carrier wall split system feature Inverter technology.

Powerful capacity, quick cooling & heating
Carrier Inverter ducted air conditioners can operate their compressors faster to give them more powerful performance. This results in being able to attain the desired temperature much faster in both heating and cooling modes than non inverter air conditioners.

Precise control, constant temperature
Carrier Air Conditioning - Ducted Reverse Cycle & Wall Split System By Carrier

After quickly reaching the set temperature, Carrier Inverter ducted air conditioners finely adjust output power to maintain a constant temperature with minimal fluctuation, and providing a pleasant, comfortable environment.


Wide startup voltage & operation temperature
With variable speed compressors, Carrier Inverter ducted air conditioners can startup at 168 to 264 volts and operate very well at 0ºC to 48ºC ambient temperature.

Carrier Air Conditioning For Adelaide Homes

With it’s wide operating temperature range, Carrier air conditioning is built to withstand the rather extreme weather conditions of Adelaide and South Australia. Delivering optimal performance even at extreme temperatures of 48° & -15°, Carrier air conditioners are very durable and lasting.

A host of innovative features and technological advances also makes Carrier air conditioners a top choice for home owners in Adelaide. In particular, the automatic error diagnostic feature helps identify and troubleshoot potential issues, making it much easier to resolve issues.

Consumer features such as the advanced fan and climate controls, follow me sensor, and ioniser (for improved air quality) in certain models, help deliver a high level of comfort to users.

Compared with other brands, Carrier air conditioners are well priced and offers many benefits also featured by other brands. Whether Carrier air conditioners are ideal for your home will depend on your own individual requirements. However, Carrier air conditioners should really be one of your key options, when researching for a versatile, and proven air conditioning solution for your home.

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