Carrier Wall Split System Air Conditioning

About Carrier Wall Split System Air Conditioning


Carrier Split System Air ConditioningCarrier – A Leading Air Conditioning Brand

Carrier produced the world’s first air conditioner in 1902 and it has been perfecting the technology ever since. In fact, Carrier continues to rank among the world’s best year after year.

Refreshingly energy efficient, quiet and durable, Carrier split system air conditioning systems are meticulously designed to keep your home cool in summer and warm in winter.

Carrier Hi-Wall Split System Air Conditioners

Carrier offers a wide selection of air conditioning, but it’s main focus is it’s range of Hi-Wall Split Systems. Hi-Wall Split System air conditioners from Carrier are very unobtrusively, positioned high on a wall and come in a subtle white colour palette to complement your existing décor.

In fact, many home owners see the Carrier Hi-Wall Split System as adding glamour and accentuating their home design, while also delivering cool, clean air.

Carrier Wall Split System

The advanced “Indoor Air Quality” is a feature of the Carrier range and comes with an electrostatic carbon filter. This filter traps and helps to eliminate many unpleasant odours and gases inside the conditioned space.

The Carrier range of Inverter Hi-Wall offers DC inverter technology balanced with high efficiency levels to give you a heating or cooling solution to keep you feeling comfortable day and night.

Carrier Wall Split System Air Conditioning – Benefits & Features

As an air conditioning manufacturer. Carrier focuses it’s R&D on Power Efficiency and Comfort.

The Hi-Wall Aspire range come with Carrier’s special implementation of the Inverter technology, delivering some of the highest energy star ratings along with a comfortable heating and cooling solution.

Here are some of the key benefits and features of Carrier Wall Split System Air Conditoining :

High Efficiency Inverter Technology

The inverted technology is now available across most top brands of air conditioning. The inverter technology allows an air conditioner to scale up or down it’s power mode, according to how much heating or cooling is required. So if a room is already sufficiently cooled to a the preset temperature, the inverter will scale down it’s power to lower power mode which conserves a lot of power.

Inverter technology significantly reduces power consumption and long term running costs. Carrier’s implementation of the inverter technology is one of the best in the industry. With a strong focus on maximising power conservation. This is one of the reasons why Carrier air conditioners feature one of the highest energy star ratings – all brands considered.

Silent Operation Mode

Carrier has focused much of it’s R&D also on designing air conditioners that run very silently. Through improved fan grille & blade designs, and the ability to adjust fan speed according to the heating or cooling requirements, Carrier air conditioners run very silently at very low decibel levels.

Automatic Error Diagnosis

This is a key benefit to Carrier wall split system air conditioners. The most time consuming task whenever repairs are carried out on an air conditioner, is troubleshooting. The process of isolating the cause of an error or failure.

Carrier’s built-in automatic error diagnosis saves the service technician a lot of time by providing intelligent indicators and error reports. This makes it much easier to get to the root cause of an issue, and hence being able to effectively fix the issue. This reduces the chances of wrong diagnosis, which may result in multiple repair calls, costing more money.

Follow Me Sensor

A follow me sensor feature on the Aspire series tracks the ambient temperature right where the users are located. The air conditioner then intelligently moves it’s louvres to that location. This delivers the best comfort for any user in the room.

Extreme Temperature Operation

Even with outdoor temperatures at 48° (during hot summer), or in temperatures as low as -15°,  the reverse cycle wall split system air conditioners from Carrier are able to deliver optimal heating and cooling results.

Carrier wall split system air conditioners are designed to operate normally even under extreme weather conditions. This is a very important benefit as Adelaide and South Australia experiences periodic seasons of extreme temperatures every year.

Self Cleaning Function

Carrier wall split systems also come with a convenience self cleaning feature. This enabled the air conditioner to constantly clean the fan grilles, reducing the build up of grime and dust. Self cleaning helps reduce the frequency for maintenance, although regular servicing is still necessary for any model of air conditioners.

Carrier Wall Split System Air Conditioning – Service & Maintenance

Carrier continually improves it’s products and has an extensive network of authorised service agents that carry out the servicing and maintenance of it’s products. Although Carrier’s Sales and Service HQ is based in Victoria, Carrier service agents can be found in any part of Australia.

Carrier also makes it’s spare parts easily available Australia-wide, so servicing and repairs is never an issue.


Carrier Wall Split System Air Conditioning – Suitable For Your Home?

So is a Carrier Wall Split System air conditioner suitable for your home? That really depends on your own objectives for your home climate. Often, the layout and design of your home will also dictate which form of air conditioning is best for you. When in doubt, get professional advice from a qualified air conditioning consultant.

Carrier Wall Split System Air Conditioning

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Carrier Wall Split System Air Conditioning Review

Carrier Split System Air Conditioning

Carrier Wall Split System Air Conditioning – The Company 

With decades of proven history in the air conditioning industry, Carrier is one of the leading air conditioner and home heating brands in Australia. A strong track record of performance, R&D and customer service follows this brand, as it continues to deliver some of the best air conditioning models. It’s Aspire wall split system air conditioners are very reputable within the residential (and office) sector. Carrier products are designed with 2 key elements in mind : Comfort and Energy Efficiency.

Carrier Wall Split System Air Conditioning – Product Highlights

Cooling Performance

Carrier air conditioners boast impressive cooling performance. Much of it’s R&D is focused on improving it’s cooling and heating (in the case of reverse cycle air conditioning) effectiveness. The company claims that it’s various models are able to perform as specified even with an outdoor temperature of 48 degree celsius. Conversely, it claims that it’s heating effectiveness can also perform as well even with -15 degrees outdoor temperatures. Hence, Carrier is quite a reliable brand to use if you live in extreme climates.

Energy Efficiency

Carrier’s Inverter technology is one of the best in the industry. Allowing it’s systems to scale down in power consumption when the thermostat reaches a lower enough level preset by the user. This saves a lot of power and makes the system highly energy efficient. For this reason Carrier models are one of the most energy efficient available on the market.

Automatic Error Diagnosis

This is a feature that most air conditioners may have, but Carrier has certainly designed an extensive array of self diagnostic features into their systems. These advanced diagnostic features help users themselves to pinpoint the exact problem whenever an issue arises. Minimally, a user would have enough diagnosis information to present to an air conditioning repair company to get a quote for a fix. This in itself is a huge convenience, and reason enough for some users to want to go with Carrier.

Advanced Climate Control Features – Follow Me Sensor

Possibly unique to Carrier is a “follow me” sensor that tracks the temperature directly where the user is. This is good as often times, the temperature surrounding the air conditioner unit is much lower than where the user is. Creating an inaccurate reading for the thermostat – and hence the user may feel that the air is not cold enough. The follow me sensor is located on the user remote control which can be kept close to the user.

In addition to the follow me sensor, Carrier has also built into most models, very extensive climate control features. These features range from temperature and fan speed controls, to multiple user mode settings, and timer functions. Giving a user ultimate control over their home climate.

Warranty & Support

All Carrier air conditioning models come with comprehensive 5 years warranty on labour, parts and warranty. Carrier also has an extensive network of service partners to ensure that any customer support or repair requirements are quickly resolved.

Carrier Air Conditioning Review – Possible Downsides

There are no distinctive downsides reported for Carrier. Air conditioning problems usually run across brands and are not unique to any particular brand. Some models may be more prone to certain issues like thermostat faults and such, but those are model specific and not brand specific.

Carrier Wall Split System Air Conditioning – Summary

So is Carrier a good choice for an air conditioning brand? Certainly. Carrier has a long history of providing some of the best air conditioning models in the industry. Be it wall split system or ducted reverse cycle air conditioning, Carrier has a strong reputation that is backed by excellent customer support and quality products.

Some unique highlights will include it’s Automatic Error Diagnostic features and it’s comprehensive user climate control features.

Carrier split system air conditioning is a proven performer in the home heating and cooling industry. It’s reverse cycle inverter capable split systems deliver some of the best cooling performance and comes at an affordable price.

If budget is no constrain for you, you could go for the pricier Mitsubishi split system models. Although there are no recorded benefits over Carrier models, many home owners do prefer to go with Mitsubishi air conditioners. However, if you do not wish to pay so much for brand assurance, Carrier split system air conditioning would be an excellent option for your home.

Carrier’s Wall split system air conditioners feature it’s DC inverter technology and delivers excellent heating and cooling performance at a reasonable price point. It also comes installed with an electrostatic carbon filter that cleans the air, trapping unpleasant  odours. This produces cleaner, fresher air that’s of a higher quality.

For affordable, efficient split system air conditioning, Carrier split system air conditioners should definitely be one on your list to evaluate and consider.