Ducted Air Conditioning - Zoning Your Home

Ducted air conditioning, also known as central air conditioning, is quite different to the conventional split system air conditioning. Instead of wall units that are mounted into each room, ducted air conditioning takes on a minimalist design. The only parts of a ducted air conditioning system that is visible are the air vents.

Using a network of air ducts, ducted air conditioning systems distribute cold or warm air (yes it’s reverse cycle!) throughout a home – with minimal fuss. It is suited more for larger scale homes with complex layouts and harder to reach spaces. Or multi-storey homes.

Besides the design, it is also unique in that you could divvy up your house into seperate zones. With the use of a zone controller, you can control the climate in each zone separately.


Ducted Air Conditioner Zone Controller Settings

Zone controls is one of the unique features of the ducted air conditioner. A house can be divided into as many as 8 zones (or more in some systems), with each zone having it’s own preset climate.

From temperature settings to power modes to timer settings/programs, you can control every aspect of the air conditioning in each zone.

For example, you could program your dining area zone to cool to a nice 19° just before dinner – only during the summer season. Or program it to heat up the dining room to the same temperature during winter.

Or you could set it so that whenever bedroom 1 is turned on, the dining and living areas are turned off.

The possibilities are many, and allows you to configure your home climate the way you like it. Or per your own usage preferences.

Wifi Control

Mitsubishi Split System Air ConditioningAnother cool feature of ducted air conditioning, such as the Mitsubishi Ducted, is the ability to install a wifi module.

This module allows you to download the mitsubishi iPhone or Android app, which lets you control your air conditioning remotely. Even when you are not at home!

There is an app for the general climate controls, and one that is specifically for controlling the zones in your home. Details can be found on the Mitsubishi Electric website.


Need Advice With A Ducted Air Conditioner System? 

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