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Gas Wall Furnaces

What are Gas Wall Furnaces?

braemar-gas-wall-furnaceGas Wall Furnaces are now more efficient than ever, offering a high degree of control for your home.

This allows you to help contribute to a healthier planet while saving on running costs, because you’re using a combination of natural gas and proven technology to heat only the areas of your home you need to.

A natural gas furnace consists of a single unit that’s permanently installed on the wall in your home.  Most importantly, it should be flued to the outside, which means that any products of combustion from within the furnace are safely discharged into the open air. However, with unflued heating, doors or windows have to constantly kept open to keep air circulating and to expel polluted air, but with a modern flued gas furnace, doors and windows can be safely kept closed and uncomfortable cold drafts eliminated. This means you’ve no unhealthy exhaust gases circulating in the air, no dangerously hot surfaces inside the home, and best of all, no messy ashes, fumes or smelly chimneys from a traditional open fire. Some models also incorporate humidifier or aromatherapy options which can be an excellent option for people who are sensitive to air quality.

Gas wall furnaces come in a range of sizes and capacities to suit all living spaces and lifestyle needs, its important to choose the right size and type for the room you wish to heat, with slimline solutions that work with your interior decor to larger units suited to flexible living areas. from slimline. As with all heating solutions, it’s important to choose the right size and type for the room you wish to heat, so that optimum mix of efficiency and cost-effectiveness can be achieved. This can be challenging given the range of options, capacities and technologies available, but we’re here to help you arrive at the right decision for you, helping you balance the heating output you need together with your budget to keep you comfortable and warm in even the coldest weather.

The Right Gas Wall Furnaces Solution

The right Gas Wall Furnace solution will take into account the size and dimensions of your home, your location and climate, as well as your requirements for home heating. Additionally whether you need your entire house heated or simply individual rooms.

Our experts at Jim’s Heating & Cooling can talk you through each of the available options and explain the pros and cons of all gas furnace solutions, so that you can arrive at the right answer for your particular needs.

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