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Home Heating : Ducted gas heating

Home heating is just as important as air conditioning, when it comes to providing a comfortable environment for your family – all year round. Especially in Australia, where the summers can get really hot and the winters really cold.

An important decision that every home owner must face is which type of home heating best suits your family’s needs. Fortunately, picking out a heating solution for your home is not half as complicated as choosing an air conditioning system.

There are generally 3 types of home heating – Ducted Gas Heating, and Gas Furnaces. Although you could also have a reverse cycle heating system.

Below is an overview of each of these types of home heating and heaters.

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Ducted Gas Heating vs  Wall Furnaces – Making a Choice!

There are a few important considerations when deciding on the best heating solution for your home. You would want to consider heating performance, energy efficiency and gas emmissions. And depending on your personal objectives for your home heating, you may weigh each consideration accordingly.

Whether you are looking into Ducted Gas Heating, or Wall Furnaces, we strongly suggest you review your options according to the points above – as you should be able a find a heater that fulfills all 3 criteria.

 There are generally 3 broad categories for home heating :

Ducted Gas Heating

Warm air is generated via a gas heating unit which is lower in power costs than electrical heating systems such as the reverse cycle systems.  Ducted Gas Heating distributes warm air to selected zones in a home via ducts in the ceiling or roof recesses. These zones are controlled via a control panel, enabling you to disperse warm air to rooms selectively. Ducted gas heating is possibly the most energy efficient form of home heating and kinder to the environment than most other forms of heating. It produces far less gas emmissions than wood heaters for instance.

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Gas Wall Furnaces

Gas Wall Furnaces are a very popular solution to directly warming lounges, family areas and hall ways, allowing the warmth to filter through open doorways. Operating on gas, these gas heaters are cheaper to run than reverse cycle systems and easier to maintain. Over the years, these wall furnaces have evolved to become quite stylish and sleek, making it a nice addition to any home as well.

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Ducted Gas Heating & Wood Heaters