Air Conditioning Tips for Summer

How To Reduce Your Air Conditioning Bill in Summer

Air Conditioning in summer is like an ice cold beer in the Sahara. And many home owners pamper themselves with all day air conditioning comfort throughout summer. If your budget permits, that would be really nice. But what if you need to keep your runnings costs low, and yet keep your family comfy through summer?  

Air Conditioning Conservation Tips for Summer

Below are a few tips on how any household can maintain a very comfortable climate at in-house, without breaking the bank. Many of these are common knowledge, but it’s when you adopt all these approaches together, that the collective savings and benefits become substantial.  

Be Prepared – Service Your Air Conditioner Ahead Of Summer

Many home owners miss this one. Getting ready ahead of the summer is critical. Don’t wait till the heat waves are upon you before you get a tech to service your air conditioning. That’s way too late and you may find your air conditioning performing dysfunctionally or significantly below it’s normal performance levels.

An under-serviced air conditioning system could operate up to 70% below it’s normal efficiency. This could be the result of clogged filters and ducts, faulty parts in the system and compressor, and quite often a malfunctioning thermostat.

The best approach is to schedule a full air conditioning service in the last month of Spring. This allows you enough time to rectify any issues before the heat starts. You can also avoid the summer peak season which is when most air conditioning companies are fully booked and may charge extra for coming out. The worst thing you can get caught with is an air conditioner blowing warm air in summer, and having no one who is willing to come fix it. So, be prepared.  

Be Smart About Usage

Air Conditioning Tips for Summer

Even in summer, most households would not need to have the air conditioning turned on the whole day. It’s nice, but not really necessary. Discerning home owners will evaluate their usage pattern, such as which part of the day or in which rooms, will more people be. And concentrate the air conditioning during those times. Instead of blasting your air conditioning the whole day, turn it on for 1-2 hours in rooms that your family will be in at that time. Such as during lunch and dinner in the dining room, and before bedtime in the bedrooms.

It is important to note that most rooms would be cooled sufficiently within 1-2 hours. The idea is not to turn your home into a blast freezer, but to create a climate that is comfortable during summer. Set the temperature at no lower than 23° celsius so that your air conditioner is not constantly in the high power mode. Once the room feels comfy enough, turn off the air conditioner or that zone. By being smart about your usage, you could significantly reduce your air conditioning bills.  

Use Ceiling or Stand Fans To Complement Air Conditioning

Air Conditioning Tips for Summer

Fans can be a great help to your air conditioning. Turn on your fans at low speed to help circulate the cooled air throughout a room. This could help the room get to the desired temperature more rapidly. Circulating the cooled air from an air conditioner is an important part of the cooling process. Once the desired room temperature is achieved, your air conditioner can auto switch to a lower power mode, which is many times more efficient.

Fans are also great for dispersing hot air in a room. Before you turn on your air conditioning, open all your windows, and turn on your fans to high power mode. Give it a few minutes to disperse all the warm air from the room. Then close all the windows and start up your air conditioner. This can greatly boost the cooling process as cooling the hot air takes a lot of power. In addition, once a room is sufficiently cooled, you can turn off your air conditioning and rely on ceiling fans to maintain a cool breeze throughout the room.  

Check For Gas Leaks

Air Conditioning Tips for Summer

Unknown to most home owners, many air conditioners operate significantly below efficiency. Often due to gas leaks. Over time or through some unseen kinks/damaged pipes, even new air conditioners could be impacted.

The best way to check for gas leaks is to open up the compressor cover, and check the metal pipes inside. If frosting occurs during operation, it is a signal that there is a gas leakage somewhere in your pipes in the home.

For new homes, this could be due to other contractors damaging your air conditioning pipes inadvertently, or it could just be that your installer did a bad job. Regardless,  you should check your compressor periodically to ensure that your air conditioner is not operating below efficiency. The last thing you want is for your air conditioner to not sufficiently cool your home in summer, and yet have to pay astronomical power bills.        

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