Mitsubishi Air Conditioners – Ducted Reverse Cycle And Split System

Mitsubishi Air Conditioners is one of the leading brands in the air conditioning market for some years, not just in Adelaide and Australia, but globally. If you are in the market for researching the best air conditioners for your home, you would have included Mitsubishi air conditioners as one of the main choices. So are Mitsubishi air conditioners a good choice for your home? Learn more below.

Mitsubishi Air Conditioners - Ducted Reverse Cycle And Split System

Mitsubishi Air Conditioners – Company History

Mitsubishi Air Conditioners - Ducted Reverse Cycle And Split SystemMitsubishi Electric has certainly come a long way since it introduced it’s first product, the electric fan in 1921. It was so popular that the company ramped up it’s manufacturing capacity to produce many more models of the electric fan, and eventually advanced to cooling systems and air conditioners.

Today, Mitsubishi Electric is at the forefront of the HVAC air conditioning industry. It’s implementation of the Inverter Technology is also one of the best – allowing for significantly lower running costs. As a result, mitsubishi air conditioners feature one of the highest energy star ratings in the market.

As an air conditioner manufacturer, Mitsubishi Electric invests heavily into R&D, Quality Control and it’s extensive network of installation and service partners. Over the years, Mitsubishi Electric has gained a premium status, with the prices of mitsubishi air conditioners consistently higher than equivalent models of other brands.

Mitsubishi Air ConditionersDucted Reverse Cycle Or Split System?

Mitsubishi air conditioners come in two main form factors : Ducted or Wall Split System. Each has it’s own benefits and it really depends on the unique demands and objectives of home owners – which they would prefer to go with. Reverse cycle air conditioners can generate cold and warm air, while non-reverse cycles can only blow out cold air.

Mitsubishi Air Conditioners - Ducted Reverse Cycle And Split System

Wall Split System air conditioners feature a few wall units (usually 1 to 3) that work with a compressor to generate and distribute cold and warm air throughout a home. A wall unit is installed into each room of a home that requires air conditioning.

Mitsubishi wall split system air conditioners are ideal for smaller or average sized single storey homes. With fewer rooms, a system 3 unit split system suffices for most homes. Additional compressors can be added to add another 1-3 wall units if you wish to condition more rooms. With wall split systems, you can turn on and off each wall unit separately, which is good if you don’t need multiple zones in your home cooled simultaneously.

Mitsubishi Air Conditioners - Ducted Reverse Cycle And Split System

It used to be that wall split units looked very bulky and basic, but in recent years, even wall units have become quite aesthetic in it’s appearance. They may even make a great feature in your room as part of the interior decor.



Mitsubishi Air Conditioners - Ducted Reverse Cycle And Split System Mitsubishi Ducted air conditioners are usually the choice for larger homes. Especially multi-storey dwellings. Ducted air conditioners generate cold and warm air from it’s indoor and outdoor compressor units, and distribute the air via an extensive network of ducts and air vents throughout the home.

Since the ducts are neatly tucked away (usually in the roof and floor spaces), mitsubishi ducted air conditioners are very minimalist by nature and unobstrusive. Only the air vents are visible. The benefit of ducted air conditioner is that it can effectively cool multi-storey large homes without the need to install any wall units.

Why Mitsubishi Air Conditioners ?

Possibly The Best Inverter Technology

Inverter is a powerful air conditioning system feature that scales the power mode up or down, in order to achieve the desired room temperature with minimal wastage. With this feature, power consumption is minimised and the overall energy efficiency of the system greatly enhanced.

Mitsubishi is a strong leader in the inverter space. Although inverter technology was first introduced by Toshiba, Mitsubishi has improved on it’s inverter technology significantly over the years, and is has one of the best implementation of this technology currently.

Mitsubishi Inverter Technology

Mitsubishi Split System Air Conditioning

Mitsubishi Split System Air Conditioning

As a result, Mitsubishi air conditioners are some of the most energy efficient models in the market today. If you are searching for energy efficient air conditioners, Mitsubishi would be a good fit.



Intelligent Operation

Mitsubishi Split System Air ConditioningMitsubishi air conditioners also feature many innovative functions which varies by models. The 3D i-See Sensor is one such innovation found in it’s hi-wall split systems. This intelligent sensor sweeps from side to side, monitoring the temperature of the floor within a 150° angle. The airflow and temperature is then adjusted to maintain the preset temperature.

Not only does this minimise excessive use of power, it also ensures that the temperature in the room is indeed maintained at the preset levels.

Silent Operation

One of the most desirable features of modern day air conditioners is the silent mode. However, depending on brand and model, how silent a system can get really comes down to sound manufacturing design. Mitsubishi air conditioners have one of the lowest operating noise levels. Mitsubishi invests heavily into R&D to continually improve on it’s fan grille and blades design, delivering extremely quiet systems.

Better Air Quality 

Air quality has become quite a priority for many families in today’s environment, where there is increasing amounts of pollutants in the air. From air-borne viruses to pollens to bad odours and smoke particles, the air in a home could really use some level of cleansing and filtration.

Air conditioning companies like Mitsubishi have built many air cleaning and filtration functions into their models. Mitsubishi Electric deploys a powerful Plasma Filter in some of it’s split system air conditioning models. The Plasma Filter System is a multi-stage filtration system designed to effectively neutralise contaminants in the air, improving air quality.

Allergens, viruses and bacteria (even odours) are effectively removed from the air allowing Mitsubishi Split System air conditioners to put out crisp, clean and fresh air.

Advanced User Controls & WIFI 
Mitsubishi Air ConditionersMitsubishi Split System Air Conditioning & even their ducted air conditioning models come with state of the art remote controllers. These advanced controllers lets a user control just about every setting found in their respective air conditioning models.

From thermostat and fan speed settings, to climate control profiles, to timer settings and cooling modes, one can manage their home’s climate easily using these controllers.

In addition, many Mitsubishi Split System models also feature phone apps that will work off any android or ios phones. These apps can be downloaded from the app store and allows a user to remotely control their home air conditioning and climate from anywhere.

Imagine being able to turn on or off, and control your home climate from the office. These features are often particularly welcomed by working parents, who wish to ensure the climate at home is right for their children or family.

Mitsubishi Air Conditioners – Compared To Other Brands

Mitsubishi Air Conditioners - Ducted Reverse Cycle And Split System

Why Mitsubishi Air Conditioners Prices Are Higher

Mitsubishi Air Conditioners almost always come at a premium price when compared with other brands. Hence, it may not be for every home user. While most Mitsubishi models have cheaper equivalents in other brand manufacturers, it has still secured a larger market share than it’s competitors. So why are home owners willing to pay the premium?

Two reasons. Mitsubishi Electric has really proven itself both on product quality and innovation. Many home owners have had positive experiences with this brand and Mitsubishi has generated quite a following from those positive experiences. The other reason is reliability. Mitsubishi air conditioners are very durable, well designed and features very high build quality. This has resulted in many air conditioning companies strongly advocating the brand.

Mitsubishi Air Conditioners – A Good Choice For Your Home?

So is a Mitsubishi air conditioner ideal for your home? A lot depends on your personal objectives and your budget. If budget is no concern, then a Mitsubishi air conditioner would be an excellent choice. Given it’s quality and innovative features. However, if you are looking for something more cost effective, other brands such as Toshiba, Carrier and Samsung should have equivalent models you can consider.

Need help deciding on a Mitsubishi Air Conditioner? Contact Jim’s today at 1300 525 723. Our expert installers will provide the professional advice you require to decide on the best air conditioning system for your home.

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