Mitsubishi Ducted Reverse Cycle


The Mitsubishi Ducted Reverse Cycle air conditioning system is one of our best selling models, whether for home or office use. Amongst it’s key benefits are superior performance, energy efficiency and usability. In fact, Mitsubishi air conditioning systems come with a host of innovative user functions that few other brands rival.

Read below for more on the Mitsubishi Ducted Reverse Cycle air conditioner and it’s unique features.

About Mitsubishi Electric

Mitsubishi Electric has been a key player in the air conditioning and home heating industry for decades. As a brand, Mitsubishi Electric has built a strong reputation based on a high level of customer satisfaction, proven performance and reliability over the years. Mitsubishi Electric invests heavily into research and development, which has allowed the company to gain a leading position in today’s air conditioning industry. All models are backed by an iron-clad 5 Years Warranty that covers Compressor, Labour & Parts.

Mitsubishi Ducted Reverse CycleMitsubishi Ducted Reverse Cycle air conditioning models come in quite a few variations. If you are looking for the best ducted reverse cycle air conditioning systems that are all based on being reliable, quiet and energy efficient, Mitsubishi Electric would be a good option.

Gone are the days of air conditioning that has hot and cold spots around the home. With Mitsubishi Electric, you will enjoy even air distribution every time you turn it on. It is also a system that is easy to use with central temperature and zone control and “set and forget” timers.

Mitsubishi Electric Ducted Reverse Cycle – something for everyone

With a large range of models to suit any environment – whether office or home,  Mitsubishi Ducted Reverse Cycle air conditioning is available in both single and triple phase. Some system features include Inverters, Digital Scroll and variable power sizing from 7kw to 40kw. They are also attractive and subtle in design with grills mounted in the ceiling or floor. Ducted systems are very unobstrusive and do not intrude on the overall look of your rooms as opposed to a wall hung split system air conditioner.

And with all the noise producing equipment tucked away in the ceiling, under the floor or outside, ducted air conditioning is the quietest of all air conditioning options. And the Mitsubishi Electric Ducted Reverse Cycle air conditioner has one of the lowest sound emissions on the scale.

Mitsubishi Ducted Reverse Cycle – Advanced Technology Comes Standard

Advanced technology also makes the Mitsubishi Ducted Reverse Cycle power inverter ducted air conditioning the premium choice for your home plus it provides energy savings when compared with non-inverter models because the system output varies constantly to maintain your perfect living environment.

This means that your home or office will be cooled or heated more rapidly with no fluctuations in temperature. And you may be surprised to know that for most houses it is cheaper to install ducted air conditioning than to install wall hung split systems in every room.

Adding ducted reverse cycle air conditioning also adds to the overall sale value of your home so it really is an investment in the future for you and your family.

Need More Information About Mitsubishi Ducted Reverse Cycle ?

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