Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning Brands Adelaide

Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning brands are wide ranging, as almost every major brand has a strong portfolio of reverse cycle air conditioning models. A few reasons that has made reverse cycle air conditioning so popular include it’s unobstrusiveness (you hardly see the air vents), proven performance, and more importantly, the fact that is provides both cooling and heating in one system.

This makes it an all-in-one solution for homes located in climates that experience the four seasons. Reverse Cycle air conditioning keeps your home warm during winters, and cool during summers. For this reason, many homes in Adelaide are fitted out with reverse cycle air conditioning – as ooposed to split system air conditioning or evaporative air conditioning.

Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning Brands – The Players

There are many reverse cycle air conditioning brands in the HVAC industry. Each brand differs in how they implement the heating and cooling, and has it’s own benefits and shortcomings.

Major air conditioning brands that feature reverse cycle air conditioning includes :

  • Mitsubishi
  • Braemar
  • Toshiba
  • Carrier
  • Samsung
  • …and more.

Each reverse cycle air conditioning brand focuses on different aspects of cooling and heating. Some are stronger on features, others on performance, and yet others on energy efficiency.

Hence, you will need to evaluate your own heating and cooling objectives, in order to deliberate on which reverse cycle air conditioning brand suits your home best.

Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning Brands – Key Benefits

Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning Brands

Between the myriad of different reverse cycle air conditioning brands, how does one choose the best brand that is most suited to a home? It’s simple. You will need to understand the key benefits or strengths of each brand, in order to determine which is ideal for your heating and cooling objectives. So let’s look at some of the benefits of each major brand now.

Mitsubishi Electric Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning


Mitsubishi Electric certainly has established itself as a top air conditioning brand in the HVAC industry. With enormous R&D budgets, Mitsubishi has produced a range of highly advanced reverse cycle air conditioning systems that both excel at performance, and usability.

Mitsubishi’s strength lies in it’s proven durability, and highly efficient inverter systems that are able to scale power consumption according to the required temperature in a room. So for rooms that are sufficiently cooled, for instance, the thermostat will activate the inverter, scaling down the power of the unit, thus consuming less power.

Mitsubishi’s reputation as one of the top air conditioning brands has also granted it a premium pricing over competitors. You will find that generally, Mitsubishi reverse cycle air conditioning models are priced between 20-30% higher than other brands with comparable models.

Braemar Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning

Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning BrandsBraemar by Seeley is also one of the most popular reverse cycle air conditioning brands currently in the market. With a strong focus on manufacturing quality and customer satisfaction, Braemar is a reputable manufacturer that has served Australians for over 40 years.

Apart from a sterling reputation, Braemar focuses much of it’s R&D on improving the energy efficiency of it’s products. Featuring reverse cycle air conditioning models that have up to 7 star energy ratings, Braemar systems are definitely one of the most efficient reverse cycle air conditioning brands you can find on the market.

Toshiba Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning

reverse cycle air conditioning brandsToshiba is another top air conditioning brand that has been in the market for decades. Many do not know that Toshiba is actually the first air conditioning manufacturer to introduce the Inverter system. Stemming from it’s heavy focus on R&D, Toshiba has differentiated itself from it’s competitors on two fronts : Performance and Innovation.

Toshiba’s air conditioning systems, whether reverse cycle or split systems, feature one of the best cooling and heating performance. With a DC twin rotary compressor and advance inverter system (remember they pioneered this!), Toshiba reverse cycle air conditioning models are tough to beat on performance.

It’s systems are also one of the most energy efficient in the market. In terms of innovation, Toshiba has incorporated many unique features into it’s air conditioners, such as advanced air cleaning and filtration, and even ionized air purifying systems (on the split system models).

Samsung Electric Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning

Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning BrandsSamsung has come a long way from it’s humble origins – to being one of the largest manufacturer in almost any electrical appliance segment. From LED TVs, to fridges to computers, Samsung is a world leader in their respective industries. With it’s massive R&D budgets, Samsung has focused it’s attention on creating the best user experience for the home.

Hence, it’s wide range of climate control capabilities, and user friendly systems to allow a user to control every aspect of their cooling. From temperature settings, to timer settings, zoning to cooling/heating modes, Samsung reverse cycle air conditioning systems truly offer the widest range of consumer features.

It also allows users to control the air conditioning remotely, such as while driving home or even at the office. A wifi connection is all that is needed.

So Which Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning Brands Are Right For You?

As mentioned, a lot depends on your own objectives. Is performance more important to you? If so, most top brands offer a similar level of performance. With some brands like Mitsubishi carrying a premium pricetag, some more brand conscious owners prefer it. If energy efficiency is your key concern, a brand like Braemar might suit you well. And if user features and control is important to you, try the Samsung brand. Toshiba would be a good balance between price, performance and efficiency.

Do your own research on these brands, and evaluate that against your own home cooling and heating objectives. You will find a brand that best suits your home.