Gas Wall Furnaces in Adelaide

Gas Wall Furnaces in AdelaideWhat are Gas Wall Furnaces?

Gas Wall Furnaces are more efficient than ever, offering a high degree of heating control for your home.

A gas wall heater consists of a single unit that’s permanently installed inside a room, which could be the living room, bedroom or even bathroom.

It’s an effective and simple space heater which keeps rooms cosy during cold Adelaide days and nights. Meanwhile, natural gas heating is also a great way to keep your heating costs low while maintaining high energy efficiency ratings.

So when the time calls for gas space heating services, Jim’s Heating and Cooling is your local expert. Whether it’s repairing your current gas heater or installing a new one, we do everything.

And with an exciting array of benefits on hand, there are plenty of reasons to love heaters in Adelaide. Some of the best reasons to purchase a gas wall furnace – or have yours serviced regularly – are:

  • Fewer greenhouse gas emissions than electric space heaters
  • Safe heating with no mess or exposed flames
  • Fresh, warm air
  • Efficient and economical heating
  • Sleek and modern installation

Many gas wall heaters are also child friendly as they are cool to the touch and even come with child lock features.

Contact Jim’s Heating and Cooling if you’re looking for an efficient, environmentally friendly way to keep your home warm. We can have a local Adelaide gas wall furnace expert at your door within 1 hour* of your call!

Gas Heater Maintenance

Maintaining the health of gas space heaters is beneficial for not only your home but also the environment. You’re using natural gas and proven technology to heat select rooms with no wastage. Plus, the use of gas keeps greenhouse gas emissions down low.

Another thing to look out for with wall mounted gas heaters is the flue. Most furnaces will be flued, although there are some unflued models.

What this means is that any products of combustion from within the furnace are safely discharged into the open air. This includes carbon monoxide. However, with unflued heating, doors or windows have to be left open to keep air circulating and to expel polluted air.

For safety reasons, you want to maintain an airtight flue. Meanwhile, during any service, Jim’s Heating and Cooling can also perform a carbon monoxide detection test or gas leak detection. Our technicians can also install a carbon monoxide detector to ensure you have an appropriate first line of defence in case there is a leak.

Our technicians also work with the leading space heater brands, including the Braemar Eco-Superstar range, Rinnai gas wall heaters and Bonaire Pyrox.

The Right Gas Wall Furnace Solution

Choosing the correct gas wall heater for your Adelaide home could make or break your heating solutions.

When deciding on an upgrade, repairs or brand new installation, you want to think about:

  • Size of the house
  • What rooms you want to heat
  • The local climate
  • Price
  • Whether you have access to gas

Gas wall furnaces come in a range of sizes and capacities to suit all living spaces and lifestyle needs. There are slimline models and units which could be better suited to a bathroom or for living areas.

As with all heating solutions, it’s important to choose the right size and type for the room you wish to heat so a perfect mix of efficiency and cost-effectiveness can be achieved.

This can be challenging but Jim’s is here to help you arrive at the right decision for you. Just give us a call and we can help you balance desire with budget!

Quotes for Your Gas Wall Furnace

Jim’s Heating and Cooling can talk you through the options and explain the pros and cons when it comes to gas wall heaters in Adelaide.

We know all the gas furnace solutions, and are more than happy to walk through the journey with you, so that you can arrive at the right answer for your particular needs.

Whether it’s deciding how many wall furnaces your home requires or the best location for a gas heater. If it’s debating between the Braemar Eco-Superstar and the Bonaire Pyrox, our qualified technicians will help you understand the ins and outs.

And don’t worry about having to wait weeks for a visit. Jim’s Heating and Cooling is available 24/7 for a range of services. We can be at your door within 1 hour* of your call to provide high quality heating solutions or just an assessment of your home.

Jim’s Heating and Cooling Adelaide customers can also utilise a $0 deposit payment plan to tackle work on gas wall heaters. You won’t have to cover the costs upfront with the help of the interest free options**.

Contact Jim’s Heating and Cooling now to book in a job or to just chat to one of our friendly customer service team members.