Inverter Air Conditioning in Adelaide

When it comes to air conditioning, one of the top concerns for any home owner is the running cost. With our extreme temperatures here in Adelaide, hitting as high as 46° in summer and 2° in winters, it is no wonder that the air conditioner is one of the most used appliances in the home.

Heavy usage translates to higher power bills. And South Australia definitely takes the lead in having the highest power costs across Australia. So how can one save on air conditioning, without compromising on comfort and usage.

Here’s where high efficiency inverter air conditioning comes in!

What is High Efficiency Inverter Air Conditioning Adelaide

inverter air conditioning

Inverter air conditioning is equipped with a highly advanced inverter technology that greatly improves the operating efficiency of the unit. First introduced by Toshiba, the inverter allows an air conditioning unit to scale up or down it’s power, according to the amount of heating or cooling required. That means, on a hot day, the inverted kicks the air conditioner into full power, and when the pre-set temperature is achieved, the inverter sets the unit on low power mode. This can significantly reduce the power consumption of the air conditioner.

The inverted system works in tandem with the built-in thermostat of the air conditioner. The thermostat detects the current ambient temperature of the room and sends that data to the inverter, which then adjusts the power mode of the air conditioner.

Why is inverter technology important

Lower Running Costs

The main concern for every home owner is running cost. A liberal use of air conditioning could lead to astronomical power bills. There are recent reports of how families have liberally used their air conditioning (heating) over winter and were hit with power bills running into the $1000s.

If you are going to invest in air conditioning, it only makes sense to go for a brand and model that has inverter technology. The capital outlay would be similar or only slightly dearer, but your long term savings will greatly offset any higher initial costs.

Environmentally Friendlier

Inverter systems are definitely friendlier to the environment. Since it scales the air conditioner down to a low power mode when a desired temperature is achieved, the air conditioner consumed less electricity, which reduces the environmental impact.

It is a fact that air conditioning continues to be one of the top factors that could negatively impact the environment. Emissions could deplete the ozone layer further while the high power consumption consumes electricity which comes from burning fuel or gas, which depletes forestry.


This is something often overlooked when it comes to power efficiency. With the peace of mind that comes from having a highly efficient air conditioner, your family could be more liberal in usage. Not excessively that is. But you could turn on the heating longer and higher, during the colder winter nights. Or preset your climate control to turn on the air conditioning on hot summer afternoons. All with the peace of mind that your air conditioner is an energy efficient inverter model.

Mitsubishi Inverter Air Conditioning

There are many inverter air conditioning systems in the market. Toshiba, Carrier, Braemar and most top manufacturers have inverter models. One of the most popular choice for an inverter air conditioning system is Mitsubishi Electric. Mitsubishi Electric’s implementation of the inverter technology is one of the most advanced within the industry. That’s why it does come at a premium but in the long run, it will be worthwhile.

Need help choosing an inverter air conditioner for your home? Speak to Jim’s Heating and Cooling today. Our experts will be able to help you decide on a model that’s just right for your home. With the lowest running costs.