Introduction To Split Type Air Conditioning System


More commonly known as Wall Splits, Split System Air Conditioning is a type of heating and cooling system that is very popular with home owners. Split System air conditioners have been the de facto air conditioning system for a long time.

Comprising of a main compressor that generates the conditioned air, and wall mounted units that are called “blowers”, which distributes the air into a room or space.


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Benefits Of Split System Air Conditioning


Easy Installation 

Split System Air Conditioning is very easy to install. Whether you are building a new home or have an existing one you need retrofitted, an installation job will take no more than a few hours.

Unlike Ducted Air Conditioning, you will not need to run many ducts through your home. Split system comprises of a compressor, and multiple wall units. The compressor is connected to each wall unit via a few simple pipes. It generates the hot or cold air, which is then blown into a room or space in a home, via the wall units. These wall units are easily wall mounted using metal brackets or frames.

Reverse Cycle Heating & Cooling

All recent models of split system air conditioning comes with reverse cycle capability. This means that it can produce but cold and hot air, and can serve as an all in one home heating and cooling solution. With advanced climate controls, you can keep a room cosy at a desired temperature, regardless whether it is summer or winter. Your home will always feel comfortable.

Energy Efficient Inverter Technology

Inverter technology allows a split system air conditioner to scale up or down it’s power mode, according to the amount of heating or cooling required. If the thermostat detects that more power is required to bring the room temperature to the desired temperature setting, it will trigger the split system air conditioner to kick into a higher power mode. Vice versa.

Once the desired temperature is achieved, the split system air conditioner then scales down to a low power mode as it maintains the room temperature at the desired level. This low power mode is highly energy efficient.

With inverter technology coming as standard on most recent models, reverse cycle split system air conditioning is one of the most economical heating and cooling systems.

Feature Rich

Split Systems come with many user features, some of which are not available in ducted air conditioners. This is due to the fact that some features are associated with the wall units, and not the main compressor. Below are some of the unique features of split system air conditioning.

Toshiba Air Conditioning ReviewAir Filtration & Ionisation 

Many split system air conditioners come with air filtration and ionisation built in. These features cleanse the air as it is circulated through the air conditioner, and adds ions that help remove bad odour and scents. The HEPA filters always removes viruses and bacteria from the air, making the air much healthier to breathe.

iSensor TechnologyMitsubishi FH Series Split System Air Conditioners

This feature uses a low intensity laser or light to detect where the people are in a room. It then directs the air vanes to distribute more air to these areas. Effectively, this increases the comfort levels of all the people in a room. It also improves efficiency as you could provide the same level of comfort at a lower power mode.

Quiet Operation

Advancements in fan blade and grille technology, and materials used, have enabled air conditioning manufacturers to significantly reduce the noise levels during operation. New models of split system air conditioning are now very quiet during operation. You can hardly hear it running even in a quiet room like a library.

Intelligent Air Flow

This feature lets users control the air flow direction, using the air vanes and pre settings. You can program the air vanes to rotate in different  ways, thus controlling the airflow throughout a room.

When is Split System Suitable?


Split System Air Conditioning is ideal for single storey, 2-3 bedroom homes. A single compressor can power between 1-4 or more wall units, depending on the system size. If you have an average sized home with 2-3 bedrooms, you can easily install a wall unit into each bedroom, and one in the living room. That would cover your home sufficiently.

For larger homes, multi storey or with more bedrooms, a ducted air conditioner might be more suitable. If you install a split system into such larger homes, you may need to purchase multiple compressors, which may significantly increase your costs. A ducted air conditioner in that case, would be more suitable as you can run ducts into each room, regardless of which level they are on.

Split System is also suitable if you normally turn on air conditioning only in a few rooms. You can control each wall unit individually, thus saving power consumption.


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