Wood Heaters – It’s About Ambience.

What are Wood Heaters?

best wood heaters adelaideThere’s always nothing as magical as an open fire, and for thousands of years, people have enjoyed the warmth and sense of togetherness that comes with real flames.

Wood heaters offer the best of both worlds: beautiful objects in themselves, they are also a highly effective method of heating your home. Their adjustable air intake vents and burn rate of the wood in  wood heaters allow for them to be easily adjusted to burn overnight, meaning you don’t have to reset and light a fire every morning.

With very little care and attention, it’s perfectly possible to have a beautiful real fire that never goes out – with continuous heat.

Why Wood Heaters?

There are two main types of wood heaters. Freestanding wood furnaces don’t need an existing fireplace or chimney, and the whole wood heater is on display, including the flue.  Fireplace Wood Furnaces are incorporated into existing fireplaces and chimneys, come in a number of styles and can be placed smoothly into the architecture of your home.

If you’re in the market for a new wood heater, make sure you buy one that conforms to AS 4013. Wood heaters are rated for efficiency, as are all other heating and cooling appliances, so look for one with a greater degree of efficiency –  one that is 60% efficient, for example will burn less wood for the same amount of heat than one that is only 55% efficient, so always make sure to check the label.


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You’ll also be better off if you choose a wood heater that is the correct size for your house, because if you’re operating a heater that can produce more heat than your house needs, you’ll have to set it to burn slowly and overall you’ll be wasting efficiency. You will have to think about this when it comes to heating and cooling.

wood-heater-inbuiltYou should also consider purchasing a wood heater with the lowest level of emissions possible.Happily, developments in technology and better wood heater design now mean that many heaters are rated to burn with much lower levels of emissions than required by the Australian Standard, so that means you’re helping the environment by making a responsible choice.

Another contributing factor will be your choice of fuel: the dryness of of your firewood makes a significant difference to the amount of smoke emitted from your wood burner, as wet or green wood causes a lot of smoke and doesn’t generate as much heat.

We, at jim’s Heating and cooling will always guide you. Dry, seasoned wood , on the other hand,  burns more efficiently, lights faster and produce more heat than unseasoned, or green, wood.

A wood heater can be an excellent option for your home and become a focal point and true centerpiece, but an important factor to consider is to match the size and output of your chosen heater to the area you’re wanting to heat. Jim’s Heating and Cooling can guide you through the process of selecting the right wood heater for you, given the wide range of options that are available:  hundreds of models are currently available in a very competitive market, so this is where it really pays to get the right, expert advice.

Wood Heater Brands?

Jim’s Heating and Cooling’s favorite wood heater brands include:

  • Kent
  • Conara
  • Saxon
  • Jindara

Each brand of Wood Heaters have their own benefits and distinctiveness. These top wood heaters brands are highly recommended for their quality and heating performance. When picking out a wood heater, ensure you consider 3 important factors. Effectiveness, Efficiency & Emissions.


Different wood heaters can have varying levels of heating effectiveness. Depending on the construction and placement of the wood heaters, heating coverage within your home can be tuned and optimized. For instance, placing a wood heater in the corner of your home will not have the same heating radius as if you placed it in a hallway or a central area in your living room. Different wood heaters also have different unique features that may make it more suitable for different situations. Be sure to speak to our experts so they can recommend the most suitable wood heater for your home.


Just like electrical appliances, wood heaters also are rated on their efficiency. Basically, how much wood (which is the fuel) is needed to generate a certain level of heating within a period of time. More efficient wood heaters require less fire wood – which in turn saves you money. When choosing a wood heater, always go for one with a higher efficiency rating.


Wood heaters generate heat through combustion – the burning of fire wood. Depending on the construct, some wood heaters will generate much more fumes, odour and other harmful emissions than those of better build quality. Even the materials used to make wood heaters play a big part. Always go for wood heaters with the lowest emission ratings. This has a direct effect on your family as you would want to minimize odour and harmful emissions in your home. Not to mention, being environmentally responsible.


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